How to Use Our Fundraising Platform for Your Nonprofit

From eco-minded organizations to charities providing disaster relief, nonprofits are essential to the betterment, growth, and wellness of our community. No matter what principles your organization is founded on, it needs donations to grow and thrive.

iWave is here with next-generation fundraising software to make reaching your goals easier than ever. We built our fundraising platform around the specific needs of the nonprofits we serve, and we’re excited to make you our next success story.

iWave Helps Nonprofits Make More Targeted and Successful Gift Asks

The work you do is important, and the proper funds can help enact change across your community in a more impactful way. Budget limits pose big challenges, but our fundraising platform is built to help you get the funding you need to reach you goals.

When faced with funding, staffing, and project capacity constraints, you need to fundraise strategically. Advanced tools like ours enable nonprofit organizations to find prospective donors and make more informed and accurate gift asks. You can get some serious work done and save a lot of time in the process!

Research Efficiently with Our One-Stop-Shop

Instead of spending precious hours combing through endless documents and data, allow our fundraising software to do the hard work for you. We analyze billions of datapoints in mere minutes to provide you with an easy-to-read list of prospective donors for your organization.

In addition to prospective donors with the capacity to give, our fundraising platform also shows you who is more likely to give based on their history, so you can ask for gifts with extra confidence.

Empowering You and Your Charitable Cause

Wealth Screenings

Our wealth screenings are your first step to uncovering the best donors for your organization. Arrange this information in a simple list to view those with the most inclination to give. We’ll also help uncover those with a history of giving to like-minded organizations so you can ask the right people for the right amount.

Leave No Money on The Table

Not only is it important to ask the right people for gifts, but you need to ask for the right amount too. Our software shows how much you should be asking for. That way you can walk away from meetings knowing you’re getting the maximum amount to achieve even more of your goals. 

On the Go Features

Whether traveling out of town to a conference or staying local to work one-on-one with your community, you can access our app for more convenient use. Use our fundraising software to brush up before a meeting or maximize your time on the road by researching potential donors. The possibilities are endless when the power’s in your hands.

Hear from Other Nonprofit Organizations Like Yours

The best way to see how iWave can make a difference for your nonprofit is to check out our success stories. Contact us today to set up a free demo to view our fundraising platform in action. We also offer free fundraising assessments!

The world is waiting for you to change it. Empower yourself with the right tools today!

Building a Better Community with iWave’s Targeted Fundraising Intelligence

“Research is so critical to finding new prospects for our diverse subject matter.”

Projoin Network, LLC
Relying on iWave for Confident, Quality Research

“You won’t always know if a profile you built leads to a gift amount. But with iWave, you’re always confident in your work.”

Mark Bowman - Fundraising Consultant
Jumpstarting Fundraising with iWave’s Foundation Data

When working with a new client, it’s about working smarter, not harder.

Making the Right ‘Ask’ With VeriGift’s Charitable Giving Data

“VeriGift has helped our fundraisers deepen relationships with donors and make the right ask.”

Minnesota Historical Society
Achieving Major Fundraising Goals With iWave

The MNHS has exceeded its fiscal fundraising goal and is making excellent progress in a major campaign.

Zoo Sign
Using iWave, Our Fundraising Accuracy Increased from 4% to 70%

“Over 3 years, we went from 0% to 4% to 70% accuracy in our ‘ask’. Our dollars have gone up because we’re talking to the right people.”