iWave Helps Nonprofits Make More Targeted and Successful Gift Asks

The work you do is important. However, nonprofit organizations face a seemingly-endless challenge to raise money for the meaningful work they do and missions they support. When facing constraints in the forms of funding, staffing, and project capacity, it is important to fundraise strategically and utilize established best practices. Leveraging a tool like iWave enables nonprofit organizations to find prospective donors and make more informed and accurate major gift asks. Learn how iWave has helped other nonprofit organizations just like yours raise more major gifts and fundraise with confidence.

With iWave, nonprofits are able to:

  • Leverage wealth, biographical, and philanthropic information to identify major gift prospects within your database.
  • Perform wealth screenings on one or thousands of individuals to uncover ideal donors based on parameters customized specifically to your organization.
  • Build prospect profiles complete with wealth and philanthropic information that will equip your development team with the intel they need to make confident major gift asks.

Hear From Other Nonprofit Organizations

Click on the following case studies to read some real-world examples of organizations using and succeeding with iWave:

Building a Better Community with iWave’s Targeted Fundraising Intelligence

“Research is so critical to finding new prospects for our diverse subject matter.”

Projoin Network, LLC
Relying on iWave for Confident, Quality Research

“You won’t always know if a profile you built leads to a gift amount. But with iWave, you’re always confident in your work.”

Mark Bowman - Fundraising Consultant
Jumpstarting Fundraising with iWave’s Foundation Data

When working with a new client, it’s about working smarter, not harder.

Making the Right ‘Ask’ With VeriGift’s Charitable Giving Data

“VeriGift has helped our fundraisers deepen relationships with donors and make the right ask.”

Minnesota Historical Society
Achieving Major Fundraising Goals With iWave

The MNHS has exceeded its fiscal fundraising goal and is making excellent progress in a major campaign.

Zoo Sign
Using iWave, Our Fundraising Accuracy Increased from 4% to 70%

“Over 3 years, we went from 0% to 4% to 70% accuracy in our ‘ask’. Our dollars have gone up because we’re talking to the right people.”