Accurate Data & Actionable Insights to Help Nonprofits Identify, Cultivate & Retain Donors to Raise More Gifts

From eco-minded organizations to charities providing disaster relief, nonprofits of all sizes can benefit from fundraising intelligence to connect to ideal donors, cultivate relationships, and make more informed gift asks.

For Non-profits

search databases

Research Efficiently with Our One-Stop-Shop for Wealth, Philanthropic, and Biographic Information

Are you tired of spending precious hours combing through endless documents and data looking for intel on your prospective donors? Let us do the hard work for you. With iWave, you can search a single name across billions of wealth, philanthropic, and biographical data points simultaneously— with just one click. Or focus your search by drilling down into any of iWave’s premium data sources and using custom parameters to narrow your search results.

iWave Search

generate prospect profiles

Get Valuable Donor Intel and Build Prospect Profiles in Seconds

Are you going into donor meetings knowing little about the prospective donor and unsure of the right ask? With iWave you can create comprehensive prospect profiles in seconds. Simply enter the name of your prospective donor, select an address, and let iWave’s matching algorithm compile information on the individual, foundation, or company. Profiles are complete with an iWave Score, recommended capacity, charitable giving history, and in-depth personal information such as employment and income information, interests, and connections. You can also use Smart Alerts to stay up-to-date on important donor updates and determine the best time to make an ask.

Intelligent Profiles

Predictive modeling

Use Wealth Screening to Uncover Hidden Gems with an Affinity to Your Cause

Do you have trouble knowing where to start to identify ideal donors in your donor database? iWave Screening is your first step to uncovering your untapped potential. It enables development departments to segment hundreds or thousands of individuals, foundations, or companies you know little about into a prioritized list of prospects with the greatest capacity and inclination to donate a major gift to your organization.

iWave Screening

multi-lens scoring

Focus on the Right Donors at the Right Time

Wouldn’t it be nice to predict your next ideal donor and have confidence in how much they could give? It’s possible. At iWave, we use AI-driven models and algorithms to analyze billions of wealth, philanthropic and biographic data points and turn them into actionable fundraising intelligence. Whether it’s predicting high impact donors, shaping the best cultivation strategy, or identifying future legacy donors, iWave Analytics and Models empower your nonprofit with a data driven strategy that focuses on the right donors at the right time.

iWave Analytics

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Campaign Counsel

"The biggest benefit we’ve seen from using iWave over the last year is the ability to do more in-house."

Carlyn Schulzke

Systems and Information Director & Consultant

What Makes Us Different

Affinity Scores

iWave is the only fundraising intelligence platform that measures how passionate a donor is about your cause.

Dependable Capacity Scores

Capacity scores are not affected by differences in cost of living by geography—ensuring that wealth ratings are not artificially inflated.


One size rarely fits all in our industry. This is why we offer the ability for you to customize profiles and scores to align with your organization’s projects and goals.


By providing transparency into the records and formulas that generate prospect scores, we help you make sense of your results in a way that is operationally valuable and trusted by your fundraising team.

Robust Data

To reap the benefits of fundraising intelligence, we connect you to the industry’s most accurate and comprehensive data source. Tap into billions of data points from over 40 wealth, biographic, and philanthropic data sources.

Dynamic Updates

Keep your profiles up-to-date with dynamic intelligent updates, manually add or delete records, and refresh scores at any time.