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Building a Better Community with iWave’s Targeted Fundraising Intelligence


Greenwich House helps individuals and families lead more fulfilling lives by offering social and health services, cultural and educational programs and opportunities for civic involvement. Every individual at Greenwich House — be they educators, artists, social workers, students, therapists, volunteers or donors — help contribute to this unique, caring community of friends and neighbors in New York.

Andrea Newman is Director of Development, Public Relations, and Communications at Greenwich House. She is responsible for identifying new donors through prospect research, writing grants and overseeing fundraising events. Last year, Andrea and the Greenwich House team raised over $1,300,000 through their development efforts.


Greenwich House generates revenue from a variety of sources including individual donations, government grants and contracts, and tuition fees for its various education and social programs. With 10 different programs, there is variety of subject matter to address. The challenge is to find the right funder for each program area. “Research is so critical to finding new prospects for the diverse subject matter” says Andrea. “As well, being responsible for fundraising and communications, I wear many hats, so finding the time to research new donors can be challenging.”


iWave makes researching individuals easy. “I really appreciate the fast and accurate 360search feature, especially when prospecting for individual donors and foundations in New York.” With one click, Andrea is able to search across billions of records to identify the capacity and philanthropic interests of her prospects.

The most valuable tool for Andrea, however, is the iWave foundations database. Andrea frequently consults iWave’s foundations database provided by Guidestar. Here she can build a list of local foundations, the nonprofits they award grants to, and view grant application guidelines. “With such a small team, it’s really about getting targeted leads,” says Andrea. “If we can secure more funding from sources that resonate with our mission, we are more likely to have successful grant submissions. Then we can focus on cultivating those relationships that ultimately support our work in the community.”


Greenwich House


New York, NY


Human Services

Key Challenge:

Identify and attract new donors who have affinity to a wide array of nonprofit causes.

Key Benefit:

iWave helps Greenwich House quickly zero-in on donors and foundations with a connection to the organization’s mission.

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"iWave is a dream come true in that it bridges the gap of connecting our donor database with third party charitable giving information. It enables us to access a prospect’s giving potential from within their Salesforce record.”

Andrea Newman

Director of Development
Greenwich House

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