Executive Team

Ross Beattie
CEO and Board Member

Ross is a visionary leader with a proven ability to create a high-tempo, customer-centric culture. With over 30 years of experience, Ross provides the necessary leadership to develop strategies that drive desired results, with a track record of producing profitable growth. Ross is delighted to have the privilege of joining the iWave team, as he has a passion for engaging with and helping organizations that make the world a better place.



Colin Paddington

Colin is a finance professional with a reputation for synthesizing business requirements with an ability to exceed requirements of stakeholders. With more than 20 years in finance and accounting, Colin has had tremendous success leading several organizations through periods of exceptional growth. Colin is an active endurance athlete who has completed four Ironman triathlons and three ultra-marathons.



Mary Côté
VP Product Development

After spending more than 15 years in supply chain management and product development leadership roles, Mary joins iWave as VP Product. Mary’s passion for implementing, managing, and enhancing processes with a focus on increasing ROI will help iWave continue offering industry-leading products and solutions for their nonprofit partners.

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Jill McCarville
VP Marketing

Jill joined iWave in 2015 to lead the marketing and communication efforts. Prior to joining iWave Jill worked as a Director at an Innovation and Marketing consulting firm where she led new product ideation sessions, created content, and helped clients from Fortune 500’s to small businesses accelerate new products to market.



Dwight Richards
VP Sales

After excelling in leadership roles at companies like Xerox and Radian6, Dwight joined iWave as Vice President of Sales in 2017. His experience and passion lies in scaling, leading, and mentoring large sales teams. Dwight was excited to join the nonprofit industry and is thrilled to share iWave’s industry-leading solutions with nonprofits of all shapes and sizes.



Karen Wight
VP Finance and Controller

Karen joined iWave in 2018 bringing with her a passion for growth, a desire to make an impact in the world, combined with nearly 20 years of experience in finance and accounting. Her experience encompasses senior finance positions with not-for-profits, and various facets of public accounting practice, as well as working as an accounting educator.

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Board of Directors

Jordan Richards

Jordan Richards
Chairman of the Board

Jordan Richards is a Managing Partner at Sverica Capital Management. He joined Sverica’s San Francisco office in early 2009 and sits on the board of 7Summits, Gryphon Networks, Quest Education and Stream Companies, and iWave. Jordan has nearly two decades of private equity, public equity, and investment banking experience at JP Morgan Partners and other firms. Jordan earned his BA (Government) and MBA from Dartmouth College.


Ryan Harstad

Ryan Harstad
Board Member

Ryan Harstad is a Partner at Sverica Capital Management, which he joined in 2011. He currently serves on the boards of 7Summits, Gryphon Networks, Stream Companies, Synoptek, and iWave. Ryan previously worked with private equity firm Friedman Fleischer & Lowe and Lehman Brothers’ Investment Banking division. Ryan graduated magna cum laude with a BS (Analytical Finance) from Wake Forest University and earned an MBA with honors from the University of Pennsylvania.


Scott Johnson
Board Member

Scott Johnson, the former CEO of Zephyr, a software provider of real-time test management software used by over 18,500 companies. He is also the Founder and Executive Director of Jehovah Jireh, a nonprofit organization which helps to meet the physical, psychological, and educational needs of orphaned children in third world countries. His impressive work record and personal commitment to both local and global nonprofit efforts make him an ideal addition to the iWave team.


Our Team: Who Are We?

As a nonprofit, academic, or healthcare organization, it’s your job to change the world. As a technology company specializing in wealth screening and donor prospect research, it’s our job to empower you.

The unique thing about our team though? We share a passion for your passion for positively transforming the communities around us by helping our clients work to change the world, every day. We’re comprised of dedicated product, support, sales, success, marketing, and finance experts who’ll work with you to achieve your goals.

Are you ready to make waves in the nonprofit world? Our team is ready to lead the way.

We’re Passionate About Nonprofits

Working personally with executives, researchers, and fundraisers of charities and foundations to help maximize funding requires a team of like-minded individuals. At iWave, we’re passionate about nonprofits and are committed to helping empower and build your organization to change and better your community.

Our fundraising platform is designed to help nonprofits of all sizes—even ones just starting out—with easy-to-use software and a comprehensive suite of intel on prospective donors for your capital campaign or development project. Use our fundraising software to target donors who share your passion for your mission, ensuring you’re more targeted with your ask.

We’re Committed to Our Clients

iWave’s biggest goal is to guarantee every one of our clients is getting the support they need to turn quality data about donors into attainable funds. We’ve developed a platform with billions of data points designed to help you pinpoint the best places to source funding.

As a growing nonprofit, you need expedience. Our donor screenings and profiling blend simplicity and skill to save you time and energy. We’ll provide you with a complete donor picture quickly and organize the information into an easy-to-understand format. By locating donors based on location, propensity to give, and donation history, funding is easier—and quicker—than ever before.

We’re iWave Experts

If you have hiccups in your process, we have a variety of fundraising resources at your disposal to help you overcome them. Before committing to our fundraising platform, we’ll take you through free demos to get you familiar with the technical ins and outs.

We’re committed to making funding for your capital campaign or development project as seamless and efficient as possible for you, so don’t hesitate to reach out to our team with any questions you may have. We love to hear from our clients.

After you’re fully onboarded with iWave, our team will be on standby to provide any support you may need. We’re happy to answer all your questions and show you the best way to utilize our dataset to screen for the highest quality donors with the greatest capacity to give.

Bright personalities and thriving relationships are the foundation of our company, so we will continue to be here for you no matter what resources you may need. Your goals are our goals, after all! That’s what partnership means to us.

Come Make Waves with Us!

Now that you’ve gotten to know our team a little better, we’d love to get to know your organization’s donor goals! Experience a free iWave demo to see our fundraising software in action and how it can help secure funding for your next big project.

You can also follow along with us through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Check out the hashtags #iwaveteam and #iwavegivesback to see the fun we have and how we give back to our community!