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The Trust for Public Land (TPL) is a national organization with the mission to create parks and protect land for people, ensuring healthy, livable communities for generations to come. TPL has 30+ field offices across the United States, but only one central philanthropy operations for everyone across the country, and within that team, there are four people on the prospect development team. “We have a lean, mean, team,” said Hallie Olson, who is one of those four team members. She has been in her role as Senior Prospect Development Analyst at the Trust For Public Land for six years.


As a small development team supporting a large fundraising team of 40+ across the country, a big challenge for their team is finding new prospects in the different areas for TPL’s projects and initiatives. “As a cause-based organization, we don’t have a robust, built-in constituency,” said Hallie, “We have to do a lot of prospecting, and that’s where iWave comes in.”


Hallie is based in Minnesota, but the fundraisers she works with are based in, California, Pacific Northwest and Colorado, “I’m not familiar with the areas or the local organizations where my fundraisers are based, so I use iWave to pull out information from other organizations that are based where my fundraisers are or where our next project is.” Hallie likes to cross-reference real estate information and donation information she finds in iWave. “If we have a project in a certain area, like a new trail, I like to plug in zip codes along that new trail route to find people with real estate holdings there,” said Hallie, “Then I’ll take those names to find out if they have an affinity to conservation or if they’ve given to similar organizations”. iWave helps TPL find new prospects outside of their database that are passionate about the preservation and protection of land and green space in their communities.


Trust For Public Land





Key Challenge:

Finding donors that are passionate about parks and land conservation across the country to support the conservation of land in their communities.

Key Benefit:

Using iWave, the TPL Prospect Development team can search over 40 databases simultaneously to find new prospects outside of their database to support their mission across the country

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“As a cause-based organization, we don’t have a robust, built-in constituency. We have to do a lot of prospecting, and that’s where iWave comes in.”

Hallie Olsen

Senior Prospect Development Analyst
Trust For Public Land

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