Cut Prospecting Time and Find More Donors

Discover prospects who are interested in your mission and have the ability to make sizable donations.

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Build the Perfect Prospect List

Leverage a variety of filters and search queries to quickly generate lists that pull in large numbers of prospective donors. Then, easily slice and dice prospect data to uncover top prospects who are ready to support your mission.

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Know Your Prospects

Tap into billions of data points from over 40 data sources to learn more about your prospective donors. Empower your fundraising teams to prospect and cultivate more efficiently than ever with access to contact information, stock holdings, real estate holdings, and more.

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Eliminate Friction by Connecting iWave to Your CRM

Quit flipping through different windows and manually copying and pasting data. Seamlessly transfer prospects to your CRM with select integrations or a custom API solution.

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Need new donors? 5 prospect lists you can build in 5 minutes

Are you looking for wealthy CEOs in your city? How about out-of-state foundations that support organizations similar to yours nationwide? Or are you trying to learn how many of your alumni have paid off the mortgage on their vacation home? iWave makes it easy to build prospect lists that align with your mission or campaign.


Identify corporate executives with a strong capacity to give and a strong affinity to your cause.


Identify foundations that contribute grants to organizations like yours.

Philanthropic Individuals

Identify philanthropic individuals who give to organizations like yours.

Substantial Real Estate Holdings

Identify wealthy individuals with a strong affinity to your cause and substantial real estate holdings.

Substantial Stock Holdings

Identify wealthy individuals with liquid assets, capacity to give, and a strong affinity to your cause.

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Don’t Let Your Prospect Data Decay

The world is in a constant state of change, and so is your prospect data. Create comprehensive Intelligent Profiles on prospective donors in seconds, and enable Smart Alerts to inform you of new intelligence automatically.

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Auschwitz-Birkenau Foundation

"Using iWave was my only way of building my list of 2,500 highly qualified prospects, specifically connected to our mission. iWave’s training and support team allowed me to grab and grasp the power I never realized I had. If I weren’t fundraising and doing the most meaningful work of my life in my current position, I would be selling iWave. I believe in the product that much."

Lisa Steinberg

Director of Leadership

Auschwitz-Birkenau Foundation

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