Our Mission

To deliver the best fundraising intelligence solution and provide nonprofit, education, and healthcare organizations access to the most comprehensive and in-depth philanthropic, wealth, and behavioral data so they can fundraise with confidence and accomplish more of the good they do, faster.

A Bit About Us

Before the internet was even a thing, iWave was compiling data and giving fundraisers the tools to be confident in asking for donations. We’ve come a long way since then (roughly 28 years ago!), and have created a comprehensive, easy to use, and data-rich platform. For fundraisers, prospect researchers, and nonprofit development teams, iWave is fundraising intelligence right at your fingertips. Assisting over 6000 organizations across the United States, Canada, and overseas, we are a proven asset for any fundraising department of any size.

Dedicated to Nonprofits

Our products are created exclusively for healthcare, education, and nonprofit organizations. We are so proud of this! We are immersed in the nonprofit space and are inspired daily by the amazing work being done by our clients. We come to work everyday looking forward to helping our clients accomplish even more of the good they do, faster.

Fundraise With Confidence

We know that for nonprofits to be successful, they need to know and understand their prospects’ capacity and inclination to give. We also know that you don’t have time to parse through Google and jump through forms, reports, and documents. That’s where we come in. We bundle the best and most comprehensive philanthropic and wealth data together for you in an easy-to-use platform. 

See How iWave is Changing The Nonprofit Industry

Before iWave, fundraising intelligence was slow, inaccurate, and unreliable. iWave is changing the story. iWave offers the most comprehensive, most customizable, and most trustworthy prospect research platform available in the nonprofit industry. As the most recommended tool for nonprofits, and the highest rated user experience among all fundraising intelligence platforms, iWave will help your organization fundraise with confidence.

Our History

Our story started almost 30 years ago. We’ve spent the years since getting to know and understand the needs of the nonprofit community. The amazing work being done by each of our clients challenges us to evolve and adapt our research and wealth screening solutions to meet their needs. 

Our Team

At iWave, we all have one thing in common: a passion for helping our nonprofit, education, and healthcare clients do even more of the good they do, faster.


We’re always working on cool stuff that matters. Check out some of our latest initiatives designed to empower our users to work smarter and faster.


 It’s about people helping people. Join a growing team of professionals passionate about providing a world-class product that helps our nonprofit clients achieve success.