Is Your Wealth Screening Software Failing to Convert Into More Donations?

Identify and cultivate ideal donors with actionable intelligence from iWave’s Wealth Screening Tool.


Pinpoint and engage ideal donors

Pinpoint and engage ideal donors using philanthropic indicators

Go beneath the surface to uncover high net worth individuals for your nonprofit who are philanthropic and have an affinity for your cause. Give your fundraising teams the confidence to make the right ask at the right time.

iWave Screening

Secure grants with Foundation and Company Screening

Finding institutions that can support your nonprofit’s cause doesn’t have to feel intimidating. With Foundation and Company Screening, you have access to comprehensive and accurate information on grantmakers who can support your mission.

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Save time and avoid manual entry with an integration

Updating your entire database with new intelligence is easier than you think. Connect iWave to your DMS to screen thousands of contacts or leads directly in your CRM.

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Modeling & Analytics

Know your donors using iWave data insights

With access to the industry’s most comprehensive data on individual donors and institutions, you can segment your results like a pro. Plus, you can use iWave’s modeling and analytics to cultivate donors and raise more money.

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How Our Wealth Screening Tool Works


Customize screening parameters according to your organization’s strategy and goals. For example, customize capacity ranges, weighting of key components (propensity, affinity, and capacity), and the cause you want to find prospects connected to.


Review and segment results based on propensity, affinity, and capacity scores, estimated giving capacity and other data points. Then validate the results of top prospects by reviewing records used to generate the scores and ratings.


With one click, create Intelligent Profiles for top prospects identified and verified. Use this profile to generate a data-driven ask amount and build a deeper relationship with the prospective donor. Add new records and refresh results anytime within iWave.

What Makes iWave’s Wealth Screening Software Different?

Wealth screening shouldn’t be an expensive tool that provides incomplete and inaccurate info on your nonprofit donors.

Holistic view of donors

iWave is the only fundraising intelligence platform that gives you a 360 view of your prospects, including affinity scores. This means going beyond wealth to segment donors based on how philanthropic they are and the causes they typically support.

Results that align with your mission

Easily customize screening and modeling parameters to ensure that results align with your organization’s projects and goals. Plus, you get complete transparency into the records and formulas that make up prospect scores so you have confidence in the intelligence you are acting on.

Up-to-date profiles

Not only can you add new intelligence to your profiles and refresh results at any time, Smart Alerts automatically monitor your donors for new intelligence and deliver updates to you in real-time. Learn about Intelligent Profiles.

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Concordia University Saint Paul

"I can screen 200 alumni in a certain area across all kinds of datasets and pinpoint 50 who came back above a certain threshold—that takes half an hour."

Ryan Marshall

Prospect Research Analyst

Concordia University - Saint Paul

Want to See How Wealth Screening Will Help You Secure More Grants and Gifts?

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Accelerate Your Foundation & Corporate Research Efforts

company screening

The industry’s first and only foundation and company screening solution

We get it: manually searching through multiple foundation and company databases, collecting all the data in one place, and manually calculating ratings for each prospect, is tedious and time-consuming.

With iWave’s Foundation and Company Screening, you can quickly segment hundreds or thousands of foundations and companies into a prioritized list with actionable insights for your top prospects.

  • Customize your experience based on your unique mission
  • Access affinity scores, giving capacity, grant details and analytics
  • Shape foundation and corporate fundraising strategies with data-driven insights

Why use iWave’s Wealth Screening Software?

Quickly identify top institutions for charitable giving

who have a history of giving to organizations like yours.

Segment and prioritize prospective donors

institutions using scores and results that are tailored to your organization.

Determine optimum ask amount according to donor's capacity

by understanding an institution’s giving capacity and giving patterns to determine the best ask amount.

Uncover essential prospecting details with our wealth screening software

such as grants awarded, sales volume, total assets, EIN numbers, and contact information.

Receive comprehensive profiles with wealth indicators

on target foundations and corporations without the hassle.

Support your strategy

with easy-to-use side-by-side comparisons of foundations or corporations.

screening foundation list

Are you looking to fill your prospect pipeline before you commit to a wealth screening software?

No problem. Use iWave to build the perfect prospect list of individuals, foundations or companies. Then, screen your new list to rate, prioritize, and gain a deeper understanding of your new top prospects.

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Helping leading nonprofits fundraise with confidence

University of Toronto
Wycliffe Bible Translators
National Aquarium
National Geographic
MLSE Foundation

Wealth Screening FAQs

How much does wealth screening cost?

All iWave subscriptions level include the ability to conduct wealth screening projects, along with access to the industry’s top prospect research tools. iWave subscriptions start at $3,395 USD per organization and screening credits are available at a starting cost of $0.20 per screen. Professional subscriptions include 5,000 screens at no extra cost, and Premium subscriptions include 20,000 screens.

For more details about iWave Subscriptions, click here. To learn more about how our wealth screening software can help you uncover more potential donors and gain in-depth insights, schedule a demo today by clicking here.

How do you conduct a wealth screening?

Identifying donors who are likely to support your cause is easy with iWave’s wealth screening software. It works by using advanced algorithms to match prospective donors to billions of wealth, philanthropic and biographic data points. The output is a prioritized list of individuals, foundations, or companies who have the capacity and inclination to donate to your cause. Each prospect is given a rating and suggested capacity to give.

iWave’s wealth screening process can be completed in four steps:

  1. Upload a list of individuals to screen prospects for wealth and philanthropic indicators.
  2. Customize parameters to your organization’s specific fundraising goals. For example major gift ranges, the strictness of matching filter, the weighting of key score components (propensity, affinity, and capacity), and the cause you want to find prospects connected to. No other wealth screening tools offer this level of customization and transparency.
  3. With one click, create profiles for top prospects that have been identified.
  4. Validate and refresh results and re-score donors with new donor data at any time.

Schedule a demo today to learn more about how wealth screening with iWave is a sure way to maximize donations.

What does wealth screening software do?

Wealth screening software is a technology used to prioritize a large group of donors. Rather than using prospect research to look up donors one by one, wealth screening enables you to screen and segment a “batch” of hundreds or thousands of donors by scoring each donor’s capacity and inclination to give.

Wealth screening isn’t just about finding high net worth indicators like high salary and real estate holdings. And just because wealth indicators reveal that an individual is wealthy, that doesn’t automatically mean they are philanthropic. A complete wealth screening uses wealth indicators to rate a prospect’s capacity but also uses charitable giving history and affinity to rate a prospect’s propensity and affinity to give.

To see the industry’s top wealth screening software in action, schedule a demo today.

Is wealth screening legal?

Yes, wealth screening software uses publicly available information to identify top prospective donors within a large pool of individuals, foundations, or companies. However, according to Federal Election Commission (FEC) privacy regulations, US political giving data cannot be used for any commercial purposes—including the solicitation of political or charitable donations. This data is often provided to give context for fundraising efforts, however, it cannot be used to solicit contributions of any kind.

What is wealth capacity?

In prospect research, wealth capacity is one of the most important datapoints that wealth screening can reveal and indicates a prospect’s financial ability to make a gift.

To learn more about wealth capacity, download our Wealth and Capacity Ratings Cheat SheetSchedule a demo to see how you can easily uncover wealth capacity and other indicators via wealth screening.

How do you find giving capacity?

Giving capacity can be determined using manual prospect research techniques or in a more automated way using wealth screening. Both of these methods use various indicators to evaluate a prospect’s likelihood to give and the most appropriate ask amount. Indicators include stock holdings and transactions through SEC filing, evidence of liquid assets, wealth through financial compensation, real estate holdings, and charitable giving history.

iWave uses proprietary algorithms and wealth indicators from multiple data sources to automatically evaluate giving capacity. Wealth indicators include real estate, estimated net worth, compensation, stock holdings, and more.

To learn more about how screening prospects with iWave is a quick and dependable way to uncover the giving capacity of your prospects, schedule a demo today.

What is wealth data?

Wealth data is one of the key outputs of wealth screening, indicating a prospect’s ability to give. Prospect research driven by wealth data reveals insight into a prospect’s capacity to give and helps determine future gift asks for current and prospective donors. Key wealth indicators, or data points, include real estate holdings, investments, compensation, and aircraft ownership.

You can learn more about wealth indicators by reading our blog post, The Three Keys Series – CAPACITY: Does Your Prospect “Have” What It Takes to Be a Major Gift Prospect. To get a live demo of the data that is revealed when you use the industry’s top wealth screening software, click here.

How do I find wealthy donors?

Finding wealthy donors doesn’t have to feel like a long, arduous process. Prospect research and wealth screening tools reveal a holistic view of an individual’s capacity, propensity, and affinity to give. iWave users can use a capacity score to easily segment thousands of prospects into a prioritized list.

If you don’t have a list of donors to segment and you need to find new wealthy donors who have a connection to your cause, you can also use iWave to build lists of wealthy donors based on a number of criteria including past giving history, geography or philanthropic interests.

To learn more about why iWave’s wealth screening software is the leading donor prospect research tool in the nonprofit industry, schedule a free demo.