iWave Helps You Identify, Cultivate, and Get to Know Your Donors

iWave’s fundraising intelligence platform is built on next-generation architecture that leverages its modern design and intuitive layout to help you identify, cultivate, and retain donors in order to raise more gifts.

Over the last 30 years iWave has gained a reputation as best-in-class by offering the nonprofit industry’s most comprehensive, most customizable, and most trustworthy fundraising intelligence platform. iWave helps you efficiently and effectively fundraise with confidence.

Wealth Screening

Using customizable parameters, quickly prioritize and receive actionable insights for hundreds or thousands of prospects.

Customizable Parameters


Quick Prioritization



iWave Screening is an industry-leading wealth screening tool that helps nonprofits uncover major gift prospects.

With iWave’s adjustable parameters, you can:

To take your screening even further – don’t miss iWave’s new game-changing feature – Multi-Lens Scoring. This feature allows you to view wealth screening results and donor profiles through different lenses by customizing your own settings, based on your own fundraising goals. This has never been done before and is sure to set your fundraising apart in the nonprofit industry.

Prospect Lists

Fill your prospect pipeline with new potential donors that have the capacity and inclination to give to your cause.

Quickly find new prospects based on custom search criteria and advanced filters

Generate unlimited prospect lists for individuals, corporate donors, and foundation grants


Build lists using affinity to your cause using VeriGift, an iWave-exclusive dataset that links every record to a giving interest


Generate comprehensive profiles in seconds with high-confidence records.

Automatically Generate Profiles in Real Time

iWave Profiles provide an overall score for the donor as well as forecasted gift ask capacity, history of giving, affinity to give to your cause, and in-depth biographic information. iWave Profiles can be as flexible and comprehensive as you like to help effectively assess your donors.

Add Custom Records: You can add any known charitable gifts or real estate records to an iWave Profile. These custom records influence iWave’s capacity scores so you can refresh and update scores, once new information is added, to get the most accurate giving capacity. You can also add or delete records on a prospect’s profile.

Scores and Analytics

Identify, segment, and prioritize prospects using iWave’s customizable scores and analytics.


iWave’s Descriptive Analytics includes customizable scores and ratings including the iWave score. These analytical outputs help organizations segment and prioritize their prospects and donors, and they power iWave’s predictive analytics.


iWave’s Predictive Analytics uses complex algorithms to combine descriptive analytic values and deliver actionable insights on how to cultivate and engage prospects and donors. These analytics can also help nonprofits segment and prioritize donors at a more granular level.


iWave’s Summary Analytics gives you a high-level overview of your search activities and profiles to help you build your fundraising strategy.

iWave Scores and Analytics deliver actionable insights that are tailored to your goals. The iWave Score helps you prioritize prospects and uses a real-estate equalizer to ensure wealth ratings are not overinflated. Our Insights feature helps you discover hidden opportunities, and our Cultivation and Engagement Analytics help you understand what messaging and channels to use when cultivating your prospects.


Billions of data points from the industry’s most comprehensive suite of wealth, philanthropic and biographic datasets.


­­­Enrich your nonprofit’s donor database with billions of wealth and philanthropic records.

iWave partners with leading software and technology providers so you can find,­­ understand, and engage your prospects directly within your Donor Management System or CRM, and other platforms.