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iWave Empowers Consultants to Help their Clients to Reach their Fundraising Potential


Ian T. Wells & Associates is an independent consulting firm providing prospect research, portfolio management, and related services to a variety of nonprofit organizations across different industry clients. Ian T. Wells works with nonprofits of all sizes, across all sectors in the United States and Canada. As a one-person shop, Ian develops customized strategic solutions for his clients to help them reach their fundraising potential. Ian used iWave and several other prospect research tools while working at a children’s hospital in Massachusetts, but when Ian started his company almost six years ago, iWave was the first vendor he chose to invest in. Ian selected iWave because it was such a reliable, multipurpose research tool with high-quality information he could trust.


Ian is contracted for a variety of projects, from training and mentoring prospect researchers on large teams to spearheading prospect development for smaller organizations. As the sole researcher on each of these projects, it is vital for Ian to work efficiently and effectively with his time and expertise. Working with development offices of all sizes throughout different industries, it is imperative that Ian is able to tailor his fundraising platform and create reliable research profiles that meet the unique fundraising efforts of his various clients. So, he turns to iWave.


As a one-person team, Ian relies on iWave to provide accurate information and quick results for his clients. “iWave has set the gold standard in providing researchers with a multi-purpose tool at an affordable price” says Ian. Using iWave, Ian is able to tackle different projects for his clients, all within one platform. “iWave is helpful in every aspect of prospect research,” says Ian, “From facilitating screenings that uncover top prospects to focus on, to building lists of new prospects based who give to like organizations, to using real estate information to understand a prospect’s capacity to give, to generating comprehensive profiles on high-net-worth individuals, iWave is my go-to solution.” With iWave, Ian can work smarter, save time, and share accurate results with his clients to help them fundraise with confidence and turn good prospects into valued donors.


Ian T. Wells & Associates


Beverly, MA


Nonprofit Consulting

Key Challenge:

Providing reliable, high-quality research results tailored to the unique fundraising goals of a variety of clients across different sectors, all of which require a quick turnaround.

Key Benefit:

iWave’s comprehensive data and customizable features enable Ian T. Wells & Associates to provide strategic and individualized solutions for their clients, ensuring they reach their fundraising potential.

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