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Do More In-House to Support Your Clients with iWave’s Advanced Screening Capabilities

Background: is a service company that partners with civic, health, social, educational, and faith-based nonprofits to raise capital for building projects. The firm offers full-scope capital campaign services including needs assessments, campaign planning studies, and campaign management for multi-million-dollar projects across the globe. They offer organizations a comprehensive approach to campaign planning and management. “We work with clients of all sizes,” said Carlyn Schulzke, Systems and Information Director & Consultant with, “ranging from small nonprofits without donor databases to large multi-national nonprofits with significant CRM systems. Regardless of the client’s size, we’re always happy to support different groups and missions.”

Challenge: prides themselves on being very efficient. “We strive to provide quality, thoughtful leadership for our clients, drawing on our combined expertise from the work we’ve done across the country,” said Carlyn. “Our team has worked in a variety of nonprofit capital campaigns with over 40-years of accumulated experience so we have a wealth of knowledge to help our current clients overcome roadblocks.” But operating efficiently meant sub-contracting additional work to complete projects, that is until Carlyn discovered iWave.


“We actually came across iWave while we were looking for potential donor databases for a client, and as I was looking at all of iWave’s capabilities I thought: I want this for myself!” As the go-to person on her team for anything data-related, Carlyn was excited to learn about iWave’s robust datasets. “To be able to add iWave as a tool in our toolkit was a great opportunity for us,” said Carlyn. uses iWave primarily for wealth screening, not only for one-off screenings but also large batch screenings to help them re-prioritize prospects for the different campaigns they are working on. With iWave’s advanced screening capabilities and adjustable parameters, is able to deliver completely customized results to their clients. “The biggest benefit we’ve seen from using iWave over the last year is the ability to do more in-house,” she said, “iWave adds value. It has enabled us to more readily come up with solutions for clients.”





Nonprofit Consulting

Key Challenge:

Overcoming clients’ fundraising roadblocks while keeping their costs low.

Key Benefit:

iWave has allowed to provide more services in-house to support their comprehensive approach to campaign planning and management for clients.

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"The biggest benefit we’ve seen from using iWave over the last year is the ability to do more in-house."

Carlyn Schulzke

Systems and Information Director & Consultant

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