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Jumpstarting Fundraising With iWave’s Foundations Data


With over ten years of major gifts experience, Mark Bowman understands the unique challenges facing nonprofits of all sizes. As an independent prospect research and fundraising consultant, Mark has helped a wide range of nonprofit organizations secure new funding to support various causes. Mark has a particular expertise in connecting his clients with corporate, government, and private foundations. His tool of choice when assisting clients is iWave.


Small nonprofits face many challenges that limit their impact, especially those organizations without a team of dedicated researchers and fundraisers. Nonprofits in situations such as this to consultants like Mark, who have the right skills and experience to jumpstart fundraising efforts. A good place to start is with local and regional foundations. “There is growing competition for charitable funding,” says Mark, “and foundations are often not approached properly and strategically.” Part of this challenge lies in choosing the right foundation with the appropriate approach and tailored proposal.


When working with a new client, such as Children’s Aid Foundation of Ottawa (CAFO), Mark’s first step is to define the organization’s cause and search for local and regional foundations with an affinity to that same cause. This is when he turns to iWave, and its foundations data in particular. “I can search for grants by foundation name, category, or keywords. I can see the value of grants awarded and often the purpose – why they were given.” This information is critical to establishing a common connection with foundations before crafting tailor-made grant applications. For Mark, it’s about working smarter, not harder.

“Day to day, I’m using Grant Connect and I’m using iWave. With these tools alone, I was able to help CAFO research, assess, and approach the right foundations for support.” Other organizations have taken note of CAFO’s success, and now Mark is helping even more new clients secure the necessary funding to realize their various missions. Mark hopes CAFO’s case will be an example that small nonprofits can compete for (and secure) important funding if they know where to look and who to approach. “iWaves’s data provides the context to make it happen.”


Mark Bowman Fundraising Consultant


Ottawa, Canada


Nonprofit Consultant

Key Challenge:

Help small nonprofits build a fundraising strategy from the ground up.

Key Benefit:

Mark was able to help CAFO secure major gift support as a result of their approaches to foundations.

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"Day to day, I’m using iWave. I was able to help Children’s Aid Foundation Ottawa research, assess, and approach the right foundations for support."

Mark Bowman

Fundraising Consultant
Mark Bowman Fundraising Consultant

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