iWave Success Stories

A fundraising platform with billions of data points certainly sounds exciting, but how does this translate into real funds for your capital campaign or development project?

iWave’s industry-leading fundraising software is easy to use and puts relevant donor information at your fingertips for a more confident fundraising approach.

We Recognize That All Nonprofits Are Different

When it comes to nonprofits, every story, mission, and operation is different. At iWave, we adapt to your needs and goals to personalize your fundraising intelligence. Our team promises to work one-on one-with you to empower your organization and help you achieve your mission.

Don’t just take our word for it though. Check out what our clients have to say about our platform and view downloadable resources sorted by industry, all of which will help you learn more about making the most of iWave.

How Are We Different?

We admire those who work tirelessly to achieve their goals and change the world one community at a time. Whether your nonprofit has been around for decades or you’re just starting out, our wealth screening and prospect research can be utilized to help you maximize funding for your capital campaign or development project. There’s no limit to the organizations we can help.

Nonprofits are the beating heart of our company. Our team shares the same passion for charitable giving as your organization. Armed with this passion, we’ll work in tandem with you to realize your goals.

Our data can help you target donors with a history of supporting higher education and other education institutions so you can have a more confident ask. Alumni and parents are some of the best sources of funding for your private school, college, or other academic institution and we’ll help you target your next best donor among them.

Grateful patients can lead to happy donors, but how do you know which patients have the capacity to give? Our platform will organize your patient list by those with the greatest donor potential to save you time and energy.

If you’re hosting an event or gala, or simply interested in identifying the best donor prospects among your ticket buyers, our software can help you uncover individuals and companies who not only have capacity to give, but have a history of supporting the arts.

Faith and charitable giving go hand-in-hand. With our precision technology, we’ll make sure you identify both the most devout donors and the right amount to ask them for.

We’ll work with you to learn about your community and the specific ways you seek to make it better. After we walk you through onboarding, we’ll continue to be here for you every step of the way with a support team whenever you need us.

Will You Be Our Next Success Story?

Our client testimonials are just one way to learn about our next-generation platform. To get the complete picture, you’ll want to see our software in action. Reach out to us today to request a demo or connect with us on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.