With 38 wealth, biographic, and philanthropic datasets available, you will have access to billions of data points within iWave. Updated on daily, weekly, and monthly schedules, iWave’s superior data is secure, accurate, and relevant to your fundraising needs.

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CoreLogic’s Free-and-Clear Real Estate HoldingsIdentify mortgage-free properties owned by individuals and corporations.

CoreLogic’s Commercial Real Estate HoldingsSearch for properties owned by corporations across various property types.

CoreLogic’s Personal Real Estate HoldingsSearch for properties owned by individuals including appraised value, assessed value, property tax, and more.

Larkspur’s Prospects of Wealth Personal InformationIdentify prospects that have the financial means to contribute to your organization based on estimated net worth, evidence of wealth, and interests.

Larkspur’s Prospects of Wealth Corporate InformationBuild lists of business owners and executives based on corporate information including sales revenue, employees, and NAICS codes.

Manifold’s Property ValuesIdentify Canadian prospects with real estate holdings based on 6-digit postal code property values.

Manifold’s Household IncomeIdentify prospects based on median annual household income.

Manifold’s Average DonationsIdentify prospects based on the average value of household charitable donations, including donations to religious causes.

Thomson Reuters’ PeopleSearch for multinational individuals with wealth based on criteria including alma mater, age, job title, officer status, and compensation.

Thomson Reuters’ Companies: Build lists of corporate employees and executives based on geography, classification, and the number of employees.

Thomson Reuters’ AlumniBuild lists of alumni for US and Canadian secondary and post-secondary institutions.

Thomson Reuters’ Insider FilingsSearch insider transactions and security ownership by individuals and companies.

Thomson Reuters’ Insider HoldingsIdentify prospects with liquid assets based on criteria including the value of holdings and number of shares.

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ZoomInfo’s PeopleProspect for new individual donors with contact information, board affiliations, employment records, personal interests, educational background, personal and professional networks, and more.

ZoomInfo’s CompaniesBuild lists of employees and executives based on industry, revenue, and the number of employees.

ZoomInfo’s Alumni
Search for alumni from US and Canadian colleges and universities.

RelSci’s People: Access profiles on more than 7 million influential people and view their top relationships.

RelSci’s CompaniesSearch for influencers using corporate and nonprofit indicators including industry/cause, sector, EIN, and NAICS codes.

RelSci’s AlumniIdentify alumni and their top 50 connections to expand your donor base.

Dun & Bradstreet’s PeopleIdentify new prospects with work/home email addresses, age, gender, salary, and other personal information.

Dun & Bradstreet’s CompaniesSearch for corporate executives with company criteria including address, sector, sales revenue, and the number of employees.

DatabaseUSA’s Executives at Home: Identify wealthy executives with home contact information, employer, title, age, gender, etc.

DatabaseUSA’s Consumers
: Search for new prospective donors with home address, email, phone, etc.

DatabaseUSA’s Businesses
Identify small and mid-sized businesses (number of employees, sales revenue, contact information, etc.

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VeriGift’s Individual DonationsIdentify individuals who donate to charitable causes and see the gift year, amount, and type.

VeriGift’s Corporate DonationsIdentify corporations that donate charitably or have charitable foundations.

VeriGift’s Foundation DonationsSearch for recipient private, corporate, and family foundations that are granting or receiving charitable donations.

VeriGift’s Recipient OrganizationsIdentify local, regional, and national organizations receiving gifts from your current or prospective donors.

VeriGift’s Annual GiftsDownload PDF copies of annual reports verifying each donation record.

GuideStar’s Foundations and Public CharitiesResearch which foundations and charities award grants, how to apply, when applications are due, and any restrictions.

GuideStar’s Grantees: Identify organizations in your area who have received grants from local, regional, and national foundations.

GuideStar’s Board Members, Officers and EmployeesBuild lists of people who work for or on behalf of foundations and public charities.

Canada Revenue Agency’s FundersIdentify Canadian grant funders by geography, category, type, assets, and contribution range.

Canada Revenue Agency’s Grantees
Identify organizations in your area that have received grants from Canadian foundations and public charities.

Canada Revenue Agency’s People:
 Build a list of directors who work for Canadian foundations and public charities.

Federal Elections Commission’s Federal Political DonationsIdentify prospects who give to political parties, lobby groups, and public officials with information including contribution year, range, and candidate information.

Elections Canada’s Federal Political DonationsIdentify prospects who give to Canadian political parties, lobby groups, and public officials with information including contributor type, contribution range, the election year, and candidate information.

HEPdata GiftPlus’s Matching GiftsIdentify matching gifts companies and subsidiaries that match employee gifts with information including contact information, procedures and deadlines, minimum/maximum match amounts, and eligibility requirements.