Real Estate by The Warren Group

The Warren Group provides U.S. real estate data including mortgage, consumer and business data, tax assessments, property characteristics, and more.

The Warren Group features three datasets:

  1. Free-and-Clear Real Estate Holdings: Identify mortgage-free properties owned by individuals and corporations.
  2. Commercial Real Estate Holdings: Search for properties owned by corporations across various property types.
  3. Personal Real Estate Holdings: Search for properties owned by individuals including appraised value, assessed value, property tax, and more.

With The Warren Group’s Real Estate Data You Can:

  • Prospect for new donors by zip code, street name, or even asset range
  • Find multiple properties for a single donor, even if they are in different states
  • Determine capacity to give by researching current property values and mortgage details including how much of the mortgage is still outstanding

The Warren Group

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