Donations by VeriGift

VeriGift is the largest and most up-to-date database of charitable gift donations, recipients, and donors.  With donations by VeriGift you can search for new major gift opportunities, evaluate giving history to determine reasonable asks, and verify your research all within one easy-to-use database.

Verifgift features four datasets:

  1. Individual Donations: Identify individuals who donate to charitable causes and see the gift year, amount, and type.
  2. Corporate Donations: Identify corporations that donate charitably or have charitable foundations.
  3. Foundation Donations: Search for recipient private, corporate, and family foundations that are granting or receiving charitable donations.
  4. Recipient Organizations: Identify local, regional, and national organizations receiving gifts from your current o prospective donors.

With iWave’s VeriGift Charitable Giving History You Can:

  • Find New Prospects: Source new prospects by searching who is giving to competing organizations.
  • Determine Prospect Affinity: Every giving record is linked to a recipient identifying the cause(s) a prospect is interested in supporting.
  • Make an Educated Ask: Understand the reality of what a prospect has historically been willing to give/pledge and to whom to make a more reasonable ask.
  • Predict Future Giving: VeriGift has records going back almost 25 years so you can recognize trends and patterns to predict future giving.
  • Have Confidence in the Data: Most VeriGift records are linked to the original data source for easy verification and iWave’s innovative record extraction technology also increases data accuracy.

How is VeriGift Different from Other Charitable Giving Databases?

  • Accuracy: VeriGift leverages iWave’s innovative record extraction technology to ensure giving records are very accurate. Records are then linked to the original data source allowing researchers to verify the record quickly and easily for that added level of confidence.
  • Timeliness: VeriGift is the fastest growing database of giving history with over 2 Million records added each month. These additions are usually the most recently available records, allowing you to act quickly on the most recent information.
  • More Data: Power Users (i.e. Consultants) report a low amount of overlap with other charitable giving history databases indicating untapped potential data.

Who should use this service?

Any nonprofit organization that needs to raise money from individuals, foundations or businesses will find our Donation Database extremely valuable. Startup and early stage nonprofits will benefit from finding new sources of seed funding, while larger established institutions will benefit from finding new major gift prospects from within their ranks of existing annual donors. Organizations planning for capital campaigns can use the database to create customized prospect lists and to assist in solicitation planning.

VeriGift by iWave

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