Identify potential sources of support for your cause with US Foundations and Public Charities Information brought to you by Candid.

Candid’s Foundations and Public Charities data is the most comprehensive source of foundation and public charity information including Nonprofit Officers and Board Members identification data. Whether you’re a grantmaker looking to analyze the funding of current and potential grant recipients, a grant seeker looking for potential sources of support, a prospect researcher looking for potential board member connections or clues to the affinity and propensity of your prospects, this dataset can provide you with the tools you need to make the most informed decisions possible.

Candid features three datasets:

  1. Foundations and Public Charities: Research which foundations and charities award grants, how to apply, when applications are due, and any restrictions.
  2. Grantees: Identify organizations in your area who have received grants from local, regional, and national foundations.
  3. Board Members, Officers and Employees: Build lists of people who work for or on behalf of foundations and public charities.

With Foundations and Public Charities, You Can:

  • Determine if you should be going after a bigger ask by looking at which foundations and public charities are giving (and how much they are giving) to organizations similar to yours.
  • Build a list of foundations and public charities based on a number of criteria including geographic, family foundations, category (healthcare, education, etc,) and see who are the foundation and public charity employees and decision makers.
  • Better understand the affinity and propensity of your prospective donors and look for potential connections by researching their involvement with foundation and public charity boards.
  • Find out how to apply for a grant, when applications are due and if there are any restrictions.

Identify the capacity and affinity of donors their donations to Canadian Foundations and Public Charities.

iWave’s Canadian Foundation and Public Charity information are brought to you by the Canada Revenue Agency. Foundations data offers in-depth information about Canada’s registered Charitable Organizations, Private Foundations and Public Foundations.

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