Never Miss Another Opportunity​

New intelligence on target donors—delivered automatically.

Smart Alerts

Maximize outreach with accurate data

Your top donors are actively growing their wealth and making charitable donations. Time your outreach effectively and make it more relevant with up-to-date intelligence on your donors.

More time saving, less time wasting

Manually searching for new intel on your donors and updating your database one constituent at a time can be an insurmountable task. Luckily, AI-driven automation is close at hand when we need it most.

Fuel your entire fundraising strategy with dynamic data

Whether you’re seeking the next major gift, or new ways to engage prospective donors, Smart Alerts deliver value to your entire fundraising team. And because new intelligence is dynamically delivered to iWave’s Intelligent Profiles, you can be confident that your decision-making process will always be drawing upon up-to-date and accurate information.

How It Works

Help your fundraising team succeed by using intelligence that is fresh and reliable.

Create Smart Alerts

1. Set Up Your Alerts

Enable Smart Alerts on a single profile or on multiple profiles at the same time. Then choose a desired confidence level for the matching algorithm on your target donor(s).

Monitor target donors

2. Let iWave Do the Heavy Lifting

iWave automatically monitors your target donors for new intelligence, alerts you in real-time when updates are detected, and gives you a preview of how scores and analytics are impacted.

Smart Alerts records

3. Adjust as Desired

The new records can easily be deleted or added to your donor’s profile. You can also pivot your monitoring strategy by re-assigning Smart Alerts to different profiles at any time, or by assigning additional Smart Alerts.

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