At a Glance:

Junior State of America

Foundation (Burlingame, CA)
JSA (Nationwide)

Youth Civic Engagement

Key Challenge:
Researching quickly and effectively to build and nurture relationships with stakeholders and donors.

Key Benefit:
iWave’s data, customization, and integration capabilities helped a medium-size nonprofit identify major gift donors within the first week of use.


Since 1934, the Junior State of America (JSA) has helped over 500,000 students acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to be active, informed, and responsible citizens, voters, and leaders. JSA enables students to experience first-hand the drama and power of politics as well as the challenges and responsibilities of leadership. JSA chapters serve as the center of political awareness at their schools and JSA conventions bring thousands of students together to share opinions and learn from each other.

The Challenge

Matthew Patchell, Chief Development Officer with JSA’s Junior Statesmen Foundation, described the challenges his department faces. “Time is a constraining factor. We need to spend it with our stakeholders, over coffee and on-site visits, connecting them with our mission personally – not behind our computers engaged in analysis paralysis.” His small team is responsible for securing general funding, major gifts, event sponsorship, and foundation grants to help JSA operate and expand.

The Solution

Matt learned about iWave from a contact who is a gifts researcher at a major university. “She is fully resourced, with access to several databases. She recommended iWave over the others without hesitation.” But could iWave help a medium-size organization with a smaller budget and such a wide range of programs?

“Not using iWave is the equivalent of staggering around in the dark,” said Matt. “iWave paid for itself in our first week of service by identifying the capacity, the propensity to be philanthropic, and the affinity for our mission.” He also welcomed iWave’s integration with his CRM. “The integration with Salesforce is very powerful indeed, and presents the considerable potential to streamline our information management, and therefore to focus our time effectively.”

When asked what makes iWave different from other services, Matt said, “The few times I’ve needed support I got it very quickly, over the phone or online. I get proactive outreach from customer service folks, checking in to make sure the tool is working for me. There’s a culture of constant innovation.”

With donor relationships so critical to JSA’s fundraising success, Matt and his team rely on iWave for its insightful data and profile customization. “It’s more powerful, more nimble and more flexible. I don’t use this term lightly: It is a game changer.”

Would Matt recommend iWave to a friend or colleague? “Without reservation.”

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[testimonial name=”Matthew Patchell / Chief Development Officer” org=” Junior Statesmen Foundation” font_size=”4″ quote=”yes”]iWave is more powerful, more nimble, and more flexible. I don’t use this term lightly: it’s a game changer [/testimonial]

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