Prospect Research Pride It’s amazing how fast a year goes – #ResearchPride is back again!   If you’re not familiar with prospect research, it’s the identification and analysis of prospective donors (individuals, companies, and trusts) to learn their potential to give to a nonprofit’s cause.  Here at iWave, we also call this important work fundraising […]

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The Three Keys to a Better Major Gift Ask

The following is an excerpt from iWave’s new eBook: The Three Keys to a Better Major Gift Ask.  Read the full story. There are three important ratings that researchers and fundraisers use to segment and prioritize major gift prospects and donors. They are: PROPENSITY: Has this person given to nonprofit causes before? AFFINITY: Is this person passionate […]


Planned Giving vs. Major Gifts

Back in December 2016, our blog focused on major gifts fundraising.  With the arrival of a new year, it’s a great time to discuss major gifts versus planned gifts.  There are many similarities between the two, but a planned gift often requires more research and fundraising work – with potential for an even greater donation […]


Major Gifts Series Part 1: Defining A Major Gift

With another year almost over, now is a great time to reflect and get back to basics. Here at iWave, our mission is to help nonprofits “raise more major gifts, faster.” But what does that really mean? How do you define a major gift? Major Gifts? Major Problem In a survey of 700 nonprofits in […]


International Development Part 2: Designing an International Development Strategy

Part 1 of this International Research series, we addressed a number of questions that your development department should consider before deciding to research and solicit major gift prospects internationally. In this blog post ‘International Research Part 2: Designing A Development Strategy’ consider these best practices. Allan Berezny, Assistant Dean at the University of British Colombia, sums up […]


The Three Keys Series – CAPACITY: Does Your Prospect “Have” What It Takes to Be a Major Gift Prospect?

The third aspect of The Three Keys series is for some the most important, but for all, probably the most infamous. Trying to determine exactly your prospect’s capacity to give is very difficult. There is usually no definitive answer, but every major gift ask usually depends on it. Defining Capacity You probably already know what […]

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