Fundraising Ideas for Nonprofits: Spread Your Message Remotely

Getting your nonprofit off the ground took months of hard work and dedication, but now comes the fun part: Fundraising. There are many different methods you can explore to raise funding for your nonprofit, and these days, some of the best are completely virtual!

If you bring the passion and the fundraising idea, iWave will do the heavy lifting of uncovering potential donor prospects. Our platform supercharges your fundraising efforts by helping you find the right major gift prospects for your mission. Our wealth screenings will even guide you in your gift asks.

There are a ton of effective and exciting ways to fundraise for your nonprofit, and just as many ways our fundraising software can make it easier!

Consider Crowdfunding

From newsfeeds to photo-streams and instant messaging, social media runs the world. Why not use it as a tool to fund your nonprofit?

What is crowdfunding exactly? It’s another form of social media, working to reach friends, family, supporters, and communities as a whole and asking them for donations. It elicits small donations from a large pool of people. You set up your page, explain your cause, and set a fundraising goal. Through your chosen crowdfunding platform, you’ll be able to monitor donations to stay on track.

Crowdfunding is a great way to spread awareness for your cause in a grassroots capacity—especially if you’re just starting out. It also makes your community feel more involved in a cause they might truly care about.

How Can iWave Help?

Your time is valuable. Sending your message to the right people can help you get the funding you need faster.

Our platform analyzes billions of data points, so you don’t have to spend precious time monitoring social media pages. Instead, we’ll unmask the donors with a high capacity to give along with a history of supporting organizations like yours.

How does this apply to crowdfunding? It’s simple—when you know who is most likely to support your nonprofit you can nudge them towards your donation page. Once there, they’ll learn exactly what your nonprofit stands for and will be more likely to contribute to your cause. These people may also be more likely to share your campaign with like-minded individuals.

Try Matching Gifts

Some companies offer programs that match their employees’ donations to help maximize nonprofit fundraising for a cause they believe in. When you find organizations with this philosophy, you’ll essentially double the money your nonprofit receives. Who doesn’t want that? Plus, you’ll have uncovered a company with similar values. You may be able to reach out for future fundraising endeavors!

How Can iWave Help?

Our fundraising software can mine a mountain of information in just a matter of seconds. In addition to unmasking viable prospects, we can help you find companies with charitable histories. iWave is your one-stop shop for connecting with philanthropic organizations.

Send Fundraising Letters

One of the biggest challenges nonprofits face—especially newer organizations—is raising awareness for their cause.

Fundraising letters spread the word about your mission. You can make these letters as personalized as you want to convey your passion and excitement for your cause, something that will touch potential donors on a more individualized level. Be sure to tug on some heartstrings as you make your donation requests, painting a clear picture of what donation dollars do at your organization.

How Can iWave Help?

How much should you ask for? And an even bigger question: Who should you ask? There’s no need to spend extra time and resources sending out letters to people who may not be the right fit for your organization to begin with. Our platform will not only show you who is capable of giving, but which prospects would actually want to make a donation.

For example, if your animal rescue is looking for funding for more supplies and vet expenses, we’ll help you find fellow animal lovers with a capacity to give. We’ll look through their donation history to see if they’ve contributed to similar organizations in the past such as a rescue or animal hospital. Our analysis ensures no money is left on the table in your letter’s gift ask.

Host an Online Charity Auction

Auctions have been a popular fundraising strategy for decades, but they weren’t always accessible in the past. Due to geographical limitations, in-person auctions can only bring together so many potential donors.

Virtual auctions have blown these limitations away almost completely. By live-streaming your auctions, you can potentially garner support from all over the world. You won’t have to worry about placing a strict cap on the attendance either, since you’re not renting an event space! In this way, online charity auctions are far more cost-effective than the traditional option.

How Can iWave Help?

iWave can home in on the ideal donors to invite to your auction. Reaching supporters across the globe is a great way to spread the message about your nonprofit, but you also need to raise some money while you virtually party.

Inviting the right people to your event ensures your raffle will be a hit and you can walk away with the funds you need to accomplish your next big goal. Build your invite list with our platform’s help today!

Future In-Person Fundraising Ideas

So far, the year 2020 has shown us the incredible capabilities of remote and virtual events. However, as we ease our way back into large in-person meetups in the future, you’ll want to consider these traditional yet creative fundraising ideas.

  • Host a cook-off
  • Hold a walkathon
  • Arrange a golf tournament or basketball competition
  • Put on a talent show or battle of the bands
  • Host an art show

Whether you’re having an intimate formal dinner or putting on a fun athletic challenge, iWave is here to make it easier for your nonprofit. Our next-generation fundraising platform is designed to put the power in your hands. Identify the right people or organizations to involve in your future charity events simply and quickly, saving valuable time to get more hard work done!

Get Ready to Fundraise Today!

The best way to see how iWave can help empower your nonprofit is by experiencing it firsthand. Request a demo or free assessment today to learn how we can help. Our team is committed to your organization’s needs, and we’ll take the time to work with you one-on-one to explain how our technology works.

Every organization is different. You need a fundraising strategy that fits not only your financial goals, but your nonprofit’s personality as well. We’ll show you how to leverage our software to best fit your mission. Contact us today to get started!

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