The Three Keys to a Better Major Gift Ask

3 Keys to a Better Major Gift Ask

The following is an excerpt from iWave’s new eBook: The Three Keys to a Better Major Gift AskRead the full story.

There are three important ratings that researchers and fundraisers use to segment and prioritize major gift prospects and donors. They are:

  • PROPENSITY: Has this person given to nonprofit causes before?
  • AFFINITY: Is this person passionate about your cause and organization?
  • CAPACITY: How much wealth can this person afford to donate?

These ratings have many names.  No matter what you call prospect ratings at your organization, you can use them to guide your prospect research and frame your major gift ask.

Imagine a Venn diagram of propensity, affinity, and capacity.  David Lawson of Working Philanthropy once wrote that “…someone with money who is a giver to others can still not be into your mission.  Another might love everything you do, but has no discretionary dollars to share.”  Two ratings may overlap, but the sweet spot in the middle is when all three ratings are known and support each other.  That is when you really know you have a great prospect.

In our latest eBook, we break the prospect rating trio down and go through each rating step by step.  Then, we will demonstrate why considering all three ratings together can improve your major gift success.  Are you ready?  Get your eBook now.

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