Make the Most of Your Next Major Gift Prospect Meeting

All fundraising intelligence roads lead to that first meeting with a prospect (or donor, if you are preparing for an annual check-in).  Your team has identified a potential donor, researched their philanthropic “fit”, and cultivated the prospect’s interest in your organization.  Now it’s time to meet face-to-face. No matter if you’re a rookie or veteran […]


How to Enhance Donor Stewardship with Prospect Research

What are the best strategies to engage current donors?  You’ve heard it said before: “Not all donors are created equal.”  But what does that actually mean? First, your donors are not “made” or “created” by you or your team.  Donors and prospective donors are hardworking, compassionate individuals who care deeply about leaving the world (see: […]


When, Why, and How to Use Political Data

Many prospective donors don’t give to charity exclusively. Some also support the democratic process by donating to elected officials, campaigns, and policy platforms. Every election cycle, tens of thousands of individuals pledge funds ranging from a few hundred to several thousand dollars to support their candidates. With iWave’s Canadian Political Contributions and US Political Giving […]


When, Why, and How to Use Wealth Data

Looking for wealthy prospects?  You’ve come to the right place. Wealth data is the primary factor in determining a prospect’s financial capacity to give. Whether you are new to iWave or need a refresher, here is a quick breakdown of iWave’s wealth datasets and how to get the most out of them. Thomson Reuters Thomson […]


What Amount Makes a “Major” Gift?

Major gifts are the largest donations a nonprofit organization receives.  But the exact dollar amount varies.  A new study reveals that not all gifts (or nonprofits) are made equal. The size of a gift depends on the organization’s service, operating budget, community, and fundraising base (local, regional, or international).  Major gifts make up close to […]


5 Lists You Can Build in 5 Minutes

iWave’s datasets of public and proprietary information contain more records than you could search over many years, let alone a few short months of a fundraising campaign. So how can you cast a wide net while still zeroing-in on your ideal donor traits and indicators? We recommend building lists of prospects based on the criteria […]


Moves Management

Moves management is the process of identifying a potential donor and “moving” them from a new prospect to major gift donor. Here is a brief overview of the moves management process and how iWave can help along the way. Identification To begin, you must first know whom to look for. Prospect screening is vital for identifying new prospects. […]


Finding New Donors With Political Contributions

Many prospective donors give not only to support various nonprofit organizations, but also to support various elected officials and campaign platforms. Every election cycle, tens of thousands of individuals pledge funds ranging from a few hundred to several thousand dollars to support their candidates. Consider these thoughts from industry consultant Lori Lawson in her previous […]

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A Major Gift Officer’s Biggest Wish Comes True

Guest Post by Meghan Jamison, Front Range Source As a prospect researcher working for a fundraising consulting firm, I get to work with organizations of all sizes and missions every day. I love the variety and challenge of identifying hidden gems and uncovering potential in databases across the country. Every organization and donor pool is as […]

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