Prospect Research Roundtable #2

Welcome to iWave’s Prospect Research Roundtable #2.  Earlier in May, we connected with veteran researchers and consultants and pitched questions from you, the prospect research community.  Here are our participants this time around: Karla Benson / Manager, Prospect Research & Strategy at University of Victoria Sharise Harrison / Interim Senior Director, Data Resources, Analysis and Research […]


What Now? How to Capitalize On Prospect Screening Results

Once you receive your prospect screen results back from a screening vendor, it might be tempting to pass this information to fundraisers for follow-up and instant major gift success.  However, we don’t recommend that approach.  Inaccurate results and false-positives are some of the reasons why some prospect researchers don’t trust screening.   And really, you […]


Preparing Your Donor Prospect Screen Step-By-Step

You have mapped out your screening goals and chosen your screening tool.  What are the next steps when preparing and submitting a donor prospect screen?  These five steps will take you there: Step 1. Clean Up Your Database No matter which screening solution you choose or how advanced technology becomes, the results will always include […]


10 Quick Tips for Optimizing Your Next Prospect Screen

Whether you are a veteran prospect researcher or this is your first time attempting a prospect screen, here are some fast tips for you to think about over your next coffee break. Please note: some of these tips are specific to iWave’s screening solution, PROscreen.    1. Screen early, screen often First of all, remember […]


“When Should I Screen My Donors?” Five Case Studies

In our previous post, we shared some must-have features to look for in your prospect screening solution.  But if you’ve never attempted a screen before, you might be wondering: in what situations does a screen even make sense? Here are five case studies that might help you decide when a screen is right for you. […]


3 Must-Haves For Your Prospect Screening Solution

Prospect research is a comprehensive analysis of a prospective donor’s potential to contribute to your nonprofit with a major gift.  Wealth screening – or as we like to call it, prospect screening – is just one step of that overall research process.  However, screening is a fundamental strategy that can save time, resources, and help […]


How to Better Align Prospect Research and Fundraising

Imagine you’re the president of a small company. The marketplace is highly competitive, and investors are counting on you to grow revenue. But your Sales team has exhausted their best leads, and Marketing efforts have atrophied. Each team blames the other, citing a laundry list of failures. Your head is in your hands – year-end […]

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Prospect Research Roundtable #1

Welcome to the first (of many) iWave Roundtables.  To help celebrate #ResearchPride, iWave connected with prospect researchers to learn about their “day in the life.”  The guinea pigs for our first roundtable are: Sara Glover / Prospect Management and Research Officer, Wilfrid Laurier University Wilfrid Laurier University is a world-class postsecondary institution.  Laurier oversees several […]


Recap: APRA Regional Conference (ARC) 2017

We’ve just returned from beautiful Atlanta, Georgia.  Earlier this week, two members of the iWave team had the pleasure of meeting prospect development professionals from across the eastern United States at the APRA Regional Conference (ARC) 2017.  Because we had such a great time, we wanted to share our #myAPRAstory about this great event. Special highlights […]



Prospect Research Pride It’s amazing how fast a year goes – #ResearchPride is back again!   If you’re not familiar with prospect research, it’s the identification and analysis of prospective donors (individuals, companies, and trusts) to learn their potential to give to a nonprofit’s cause.  Here at iWave, we also call this important work fundraising […]

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