"Using iWave was my only way of building my list of 2,500 highly qualified prospects, specifically connected to our mission. iWave’s training and support team allowed me to grab and grasp the power I never realized I had. If I weren’t fundraising and doing the most meaningful work of my life in my current position, I would be selling iWave. I believe in the product that much."

Lisa Steinberg

Director of Leadership
Auschwitz-Birkenau Foundation

"I used iWave for the first time and, after a bit of research, submitted a grant application to a foundation for funding consideration. We had never applied to this particular foundation before and were excited to receive notification that we had been awarded $10,000 for a capital project. I probably would not have applied to this particular foundation had I not had the benefit of iWave’s detailed funder profiles. Thanks so much!"

Ellen Green

Director of Fund Development
Camp He Ho Ha

"The biggest benefit we’ve seen from using iWave over the last year is the ability to do more in-house."

Carlyn Schulzke

Systems and Information Director & Consultant

"The very first time I used iWave, I found one of our corporate sponsors was giving $7500 to us but was giving much more to other charities. I asked them for $15,000 and they said “yes!” And they kept giving at that level for the next year (and the next, and the next…). I was able to get back more than my investment in iWave after one month."

Ann Rosenfield

Charitably Speaking

"Once again, iWave is able to offer a quick, effective solution for my prospect research needs. The fact that I can instantly search for an industry and find relevant contacts (who also have high net worth and are philanthropic!) saves me and my team countless hours. I’ve never had a prospect research tool that is so customized to the exact needs of a fundraiser. I will sing iWave’s praises for as long as I’m in this industry!"

Katy Beth Cassell

Development Manager
First Book

"The platform is easy to use, the program overall is intuitive and easy to learn, there is a host of training material, and it easily integrates with Salesforce (which we use). The speed that we can move data from iWave into Salesforce is excellent. The iWave report summaries are also excellent, providing a good mix between high-level info and particular targeted data."

Aaron Kamakawiwoole

Database Manager
Freedom Alliance

"I have been using iWave for a while now, both in my last non-profit and now in my current one. I have said this before, it is the one stop shop for research. I am so happy to have one software to go to for corporate, individual and foundation research that is all encompassing and very easy to use. The best part of it is the customer support that comes along with it, there is always someone there to help and advance our work. I have recommended it to nonprofits in the past and will continue to recommend it."

Susan C. Rode

Director of Advancement

"iWave has tremendously increased our development capacity across all segments—individual, corporate, foundation, and now even workplace giving! iWave’s databases are extensive and accurate, and their 360 search makes creating prospect profiles seamless and intuitive. iWave is a well-designed, one-stop shop, and I would highly recommend it to anyone in the development field."

John Barrios

Development Analyst
Hispanic Scholarship Fund

"As a non-profit organization in the heritage sector, iWave has proven invaluable in identifying exciting prospects by assessing the capacity of corporate, foundation, and individual donors. Their data is reliable, up-to-date, and easy to navigate. We recently did a comparison with similar paid subscriptions, and iWave proved to be the best value for our money."

Aretha Heenan

Program Coordinator
Historica Canada

“iWave supports us, and our clients, and allows us to provide them with information that helps them to do the amazing work that they do”.

Daniel Hussey

Managing Partner
Hussey Philanthropic Consulting

"iWave has set the gold standard in providing researchers with a multi-purpose tool at an affordable price."

Ian T. Wells

President and Founder
Ian T. Wells & Associates

"iWave paid for itself in our first week of service by identifying the capacity, the propensity to be philanthropic, and the affinity for our mission. The integration with Salesforce is very powerful indeed, and presents the considerable potential to streamline our information management, and therefore to focus our time effectively."

Matthew Patchell

Chief Development Officer
Junior State of America

"I’m brand new to prospect research and iWave has been an incredibly helpful tool throughout this learning process. I rely on it when it comes to building and customizing prospect profiles and it’s awesome to have multiple search engines in one place."

Courtney Dunham

Development Coordinator
LEAP Innovations

"Of the many tools available in the market for prospect research, we find iWave to be incredibly valuable. Its user-friendly interface, tools, and reports make it easy for us to find the information we need to support our team and grow our impact. It’s especially useful for uncovering new potential partners in our mission and refining how we can best steward our existing partners. Ultimately, this helps us accomplish more in service to the families of Marines and Navy Corpsmen."

"Day to day, I’m using iWave. I was able to help Children’s Aid Foundation Ottawa research, assess, and approach the right foundations for support."

Mark Bowman

Fundraising Consultant
Mark Bowman Fundraising Consultant

"Everything in iWave matches our other research work, and it helps everyone work faster than we ever have before."

Susan Gahan

Prospect Managment & Research Associate MNHS
Minnesota Historical Society

"Having the right technology partner really makes a difference in your work. Because iWave and Salesforce are such great technology partners, it’s really changing the way we do our work and it’s giving us the tools we need to work more proficiently, more efficiently, and more cost-effectively as well."

Eve Longlade

Philanthropy Innovation Director
National Aquarium

"I have now brought iWave to three different organizations and I will continue to spread the word about this product. As a grant writer, [iWave] has really cut my research time at least by half and it’s also made me look really good to my boss."

Amy Udell

Grants Manager
Operation Kindness

"From helping our team quickly identify leading environmental donors across the Puget Sound region and beyond, to tracking down email and mailing addresses – iWave has proven invaluable to our fundraising successes and helped advance our cause and our mission."

Judith Austin

Development And Communications Director
PCC Farmland Trust

"I have found iWave's screening services to be extremely useful in qualifying donors - the philanthropic information with active links back to source documents is top notch. While I'm quite proficient in research and profiling, when the information I'm looking at is not completely clear, their support is stellar, responsive, knowledgeable."

Andrew Arnold

Director of Development
Prevent Blindness Northern California

"iWave has helped me every minute of every day. It’s my primary source of information."

Craig Williams

Projoin Network

“I did not know the individual, I would not have known his capacity, we didn’t have specific notes on him, and it was just through iWave we learned about the capacity and other information, gave the additional attention, and a cheque showed up at our door”

Will Leitch

Executive Director of Philanthropy
The Exodus Road

"As a freelancing Prospect Researcher, iWave has become indispensable to my daily work. Its depth of information, spanning Canada and the USA makes it the perfect one-stop-shop for research on leading prospects. It’s an easy to use platform that makes it stand head and shoulders above others. I have been using iWave for years, and it has not only made my job more efficient but also makes me stand out with my clients."

Shannon Rafferty Terry

Uncovered Research Solutions

"We have used many wealth screening tools and they all promise similar things, iWave stands above the rest in their research and the way they package data to help fundraisers make smarter decisions about the exceptional donors they want to bring closer to their organization. Life is busy and iWave helps our development team focus on what's important and what is a priority. We have appreciated using the platform for our corporate giving as it has better data (emails and phone numbers) than other platforms."

Hani Almadhoun

Director of Philanthropy
UNRWA USA National Committee

"VeriGift makes it easier to be sure we are asking the right questions to the right people. It’s about starting a conversation."

Neil McEachern

Donor Relations Officer
Vancouver Aquarium

"I use iWave daily and it is an absolutely invaluable tool. We have 22 centers and camps in the association and that means a wide variety of research requests. It supports me in providing our leadership with in-depth background on our donor base before meetings and allows us all to feel confident in the strategic decisions being made."

Allison Plott

Program Coordinator
YMCA of Metropolitan Chicago

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