"It is so helpful to filter by labels in iWave Dashboards to see a high-level overview of each development officer's portfolio. It's easy to see everything and pick out an area that I want to drill down into. I especially like the iWave Insights visuals, which help us easily identify which donors may need some extra research/attention (Hidden Gems) and which ones we should consider rolling off the portfolio (Not Now Prospects) to make room for new potential high capacity donors."

Robin Prigge

Prospect Research Specialist
Bethel University

“iWave has become a normal part of our process. It has increased our professionalism and our opportunities for success.”

Liz Baker McClain

Director of Campaign Operations
Brewster Academy

"I can screen 200 alumni in a certain area across all kinds of datasets and pinpoint 50 who came back above a certain threshold—that takes half an hour."

Ryan Marshall

Prospect Research Analyst
Concordia University - Saint Paul

"Thank you for such a terrific product. iWave is the first and sometimes the only resource I use when researching a prospect. It’s user-friendly, clear, concise and so much better than any other product out there. Thank you."

Joan Sullivan

Research and Prospect Management Officer
Connecticut College

"iWave is more comprehensive, easier to query, and faster than other similar sources that we have used."

Bill Robbins

Associate Director, Advancement Services
Denison University

"Once again, iWave is able to offer a quick, effective solution for my prospect research needs. The fact that I can instantly search for an industry and find relevant contacts (who also have high net worth and are philanthropic!) saves me and my team countless hours. I’ve never had a prospect research tool that is so customized to the exact needs of a fundraiser. I will sing iWave’s praises for as long as I’m in this industry!"

Katy Beth Cassell

Development Manager
First Book

“The ability to find both broad stroke overviews and granular details under one login is a significant point of differentiation for iWave from other research software options.”

Christopher Cox

Associate Director of Development
Graduate Theological Union

"iWave has tremendously increased our development capacity across all segments—individual, corporate, foundation, and now even workplace giving! iWave’s databases are extensive and accurate, and their 360 search makes creating prospect profiles seamless and intuitive. iWave is a well-designed, one-stop shop, and I would highly recommend it to anyone in the development field."

John Barrios

Development Analyst
Hispanic Scholarship Fund

"As a non-profit organization in the heritage sector, iWave has proven invaluable in identifying exciting prospects by assessing the capacity of corporate, foundation, and individual donors. Their data is reliable, up-to-date, and easy to navigate. We recently did a comparison with similar paid subscriptions, and iWave proved to be the best value for our money."

Aretha Heenan

Program Coordinator
Historica Canada

"Our president likes to know what boards people are on and current email address. I can find that information in iWave that I can’t find anywhere else unless I spend a lot of time googling.  I also like being able to perform a screening , create profiles and export the data for further analysis”

Kerry Pruett

Coordinator of Research and Advancement Data, University Advancement
John Brown University

"Of the many tools available in the market for prospect research, we find iWave to be incredibly valuable. Its user-friendly interface, tools, and reports make it easy for us to find the information we need to support our team and grow our impact. It’s especially useful for uncovering new potential partners in our mission and refining how we can best steward our existing partners. Ultimately, this helps us accomplish more in service to the families of Marines and Navy Corpsmen."

“[iWave’s Multi-Lens Scoring provides] a more organic view of our prospects. Being able to look at other areas of affinity simultaneously helps us get a clearer picture of our prospect’s interests and philanthropic inclination.”

Vidya Kagan

Director of Data Management and Research
Menlo School

"iWave gave us the insight into the US market that we needed."

Steve Barwell

Director of Dev.Services
Nottingham Trent University

“I could not live without it! Compared to our other paid subscriptions, I find that iWave is by far the best value for the money.”

Stephen Swain

Senior Director of Research
Syracuse University

"The Dashboards layout is very user-friendly. Everything that I need is in front of me so I don't have to do an extensive amount of work to find the data I'm looking for"

Bob Laird

Vice President for Donor Relations
The Cardinal Newman Society

"I have been using iWave for a few months but only just recently took advantage of iWave screening to screen the parents of our incoming students. I was blown away by how easy it was to upload my data and to quickly see results. Not only has it helped me to identify some great US prospects, but it has opened up a whole new world of prospects in Canada. I have found some real hidden gems that I would have possibly never found without an individual search on the hundreds of them. I cannot state enough how invaluable this product is to me and to the work I do. A win for everyone in my office!"

Nicole Fonsh

Director Research & Prospect Management
The New School

"iWave is my go-to resource for research on individual prospects and donors. Not only does it kick-start my research on key people, but it is also highly useful for identifying new prospects, such as when we are planning events. I have always appreciated iWave’s leadership in our field which has resulted in my professional growth as a researcher and allowed me to continually raise the bar and deliver better results."

Katherine Scott

Toronto Metropolitan University

"iWave is my go-to resource for prospect research. Not only is it a one-stop-shop when I have a request with a quick turnaround, but it is one of the only places I can consistently uncover email addresses. The interface is fantastic and nimble. I have been using this product for over three years and in that time they have rolled out a number of significant data enhancements. The iWave team is constantly trying to improve the product and that is something I can really get behind."

Mallory Lass

Senior Prospect Analyst
UC Berkeley

"This tool is such an analysis timesaver! We can see what we've already accomplished and what we need to focus on next. iWave's dashboards give us a view of our constituents that we're not able to get in our CRM. I share the dashboards with my leadership and they love the visuals."

Jessica Channell-Iler

Director of Prospect Research Services
University of Nevada Las Vegas Foundation

"With iWave’s 360search feature, UNF finds prospects employment information, real estate, donations, philanthropic connections, and director connections with the click of a button."

Mary Jamieson Dee

Director of Prospect Research
University of North Florida

"The one-stop-shop experience of iWave is one of the resources we turn to first when researching a new individual prospect."

John Hermans

Director of Advancement Research
University of Toronto

"For me, what makes iWave unique is the ease of using the interface, the speed at which I get results back and the efficiency it provides.  I use iWave for screening portfolios, qualification pools and looking for new leads. I’m really impressed by how quickly I can get that data back, and I am fully confident that I can trust it.  For the cost, iWave is invaluable. We’re a public institution and work within parameters of annual, fluctuating legislative and administrative support for resources. iWave delivers the best ROI for our needs!"

Tim Wilson

Prospect Management & Research Coordinator 
Weber State University

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