Why choose iWave over Windfall?

Dedicated exclusively to the nonprofit sector, iWave provides superior wealth and philanthropic data, unique features like the ability to identify corporate and foundation sponsors, and customization options that tailor results to your organization’s mission.

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Top Reasons to Choose iWave Over WindFall


Superior data sources

It’s no secret that the depth and quality of donor data is a key to a nonprofit’s future growth and sustainability. This is why iWave delivers the industry’s most accurate and comprehensive data from over 40 wealth, biographic, and philanthropic data sources.

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Comprehensive Donor Research, Wealth Screening, and Analytics

Whether you want to search individuals, companies, or foundations one at a time or batch-screen hundreds or thousand simultaneously, iWave delivers a comprehensive view of a prospect donors’ wealth, philanthropy, and biographic information. And because one size rarely fits all in our industry, we give you the ability to customize scores, profiles and models to align with your organization’s projects and goals.

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We Go Beyond Wealth

Assessing a prospective donor based on wealth alone is no longer sufficient. In order to tailor your messaging and craft the right ask, it is important to look at the holistic view of a donor– wealth, philanthropy, and affinity. iWave’s VeriGift is the largest and most up-to-date database of charitable gift donations and recipients. Equipped with this knowledge, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of a prospect’s giving history and interests so you can tailor your ask and your cultivation strategy.

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Unique Features that Boost your Fundraising ROI

We understand that as the industry continues to face new challenges, nonprofit organizations need to find new ways to achieve more and complete their missions efficiently. This is why we offer many features that are unique in the industry:

Award-winning Products and Company

iWave has been the top-rated fundraising intelligence solution on G2 for more than seven consecutive quarters and is a three-time winner of the Stevie award for Sales and Customer Service.

G2 Momentum Leader Winter 2022G2 Leader Spring 2022G2 Users Love UsBronze 2022 Stevie Winner Sales & Customer ServiceSilver Stevie Award 2021 for Sales and Customer ServiceBronze Stevie Award 2020 for Sales and Customer Service

iWave vs. Windfall

Data CoverageIndividuals, companies and foundations in the US and Canada, including those with ultra-high net worth and net worth of less than $1 millionUltra-high net worth individuals only
Data Quality40+ premium databases that provide robust and superior quality data including: CoreLogic (Real Estate), Relationship Science, Guidestar (Foundations), Dun and Bradstreet, and Thomson ReutersOnly net worth is provided and accuracy is not verifiable because data sources and details are not provided
Real EstateCovers 150M+ household records, including mortgage information. Plus, median home price of a county is used in wealth screening and capacity scoring calculations to avoid overinflationOnly covers 80M households and data accuracy is not verifiable because details are not provided
Net Worth and Giving CapacityFull transparency of giving capacity calculations, data sources, and actual verifiable data pointsData accuracy is not verifiable because data sources and details are not provided for net worth
Individual Database SearchesPerform lookups or build lists within 40+ datasetsNot available
Prospect ListsGenerate unlimited lists of new prospects with contact information. Lists can include individuals, corporate donors and foundation grantsNot available
News and Obituaries DataTrack mentions in news articles and obituaries with daily alertsNot available
Multi-Lens ScoringUncover new giving opportunities that support all of your fundraising strategiesNot available
Screening and Scoring CustomizationAdjustable parameters so you can define capacity settings, select affinity to giving interests and choose scoring weights for a prospect’s capacity, affinity and propensity (internal and external giving history)Customization not available
Proprietary Internal Giving DataAll internal giving data remains completely private to your organization and is not used in any modeling or datasets. This includes custom donations or custom real estate records that your organization may add to a profileUses your internal giving data to improve their model
FEC RegulationsAbides by FEC Regulations, does not use FEC political donations data in scoring and matchingUses FEC political donations data in model
Client Centric
Industry FocusExclusively education, healthcare, and nonprofitFor-profit and nonprofit
Customer Satisfaction and SupportTop rated by industry clients on G2* and three-time winner Stevie Award for Sales & Customer ServiceNo reviews on G2

*Last updated on January 2022

Helping leading nonprofits fundraise with confidence

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National Aquarium
Trinity Lutheran Seminary
University of Toronto
OSU Foundation

"iWave is a crucial tool in our prospect research toolbox, and has greatly expanded the scope of our capabilities in terms of individual research and larger-scale prospecting projects. It is very easy to use, and when new features and content are added it is done so in a way that makes sense from a product development and fundraising intelligence standpoint. We are glad to partner with iWave and excited to see what the future holds!"

Jacob Astley

Director of Prospect Development

OSU Foundation

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