Why choose iWave over DonorSearch?

iWave provides superior donor data, unique features like the ability to identify corporate and foundation sponsors, and customization options that tailor results to your organization’s mission.

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Top Reasons to Choose iWave Over DonorSearch


Superior data sources

It’s no secret that the depth and quality of donor data is a key to a nonprofit’s future growth and sustainability. This is why iWave delivers the industry’s most accurate and comprehensive data from over 40 wealth, biographic, and philanthropic data sources.

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Unique features that can boost your fundraising ROI

We understand that as the industry continues to face new challenges, nonprofit organizations need to find new ways to achieve more and complete their missions efficiently. This is why we offer many features that are unique in the industry

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One size rarely fits all in our industry. This is why we offer the ability for you to customize modeling and analytics to align with your organization’s projects and goals.



You shouldn’t feel like you need to be a detective to understand how your results are derived. By providing transparency into the records and formulas that generate prospect scores, we help you make sense of your results in a way that is operationally valuable and trusted by your fundraising team.

Scores and Data

Dependable Capacity Scores

Our capacity scores are not affected by differences in cost of living by geography—ensuring that wealth ratings are not artificially inflated.

iWave vs. DonorSearch Ratings on G2

Ease of use9.19.0
Ease of setup9.58.9
Ease of doing business with9.69.3
Product Direction (% positive)9.48.5

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Award-winning Products and Company

iWave has been the top-rated fundraising intelligence solution on G2 for more than seven consecutive quarters and is a three-time winner of the Stevie award for Sales and Customer Service.

G2 Momentum Leader Winter 2022G2 Leader Spring 2022G2 Users Love UsBronze 2022 Stevie Winner Sales & Customer ServiceSilver Stevie Award 2021 for Sales and Customer ServiceBronze Stevie Award 2020 for Sales and Customer Service

iWave vs. DonorSearch

Data SourcesIncludes data from 40+ data sources, with over 185 million gift records, plus 2-3 million added monthlyIncludes data from ~20 datasets, with ~140 million gift records, plus 2-3 million added monthly
Data CoverageBillions of wealth and philanthropic records from US and CanadaUS data only
Data Quality40+ premium data sources: CoreLogic (real estate), ZoomInfo (biographic), Guidestar (foundations) 25 databases, including several free databases already available to the public
Dynamic profile updatesSmart alerts: keep your database up-to-date with the latest intelligence, delivered to you automatically.N/A
Real Estate Capacity CalculationsProprietary real estate equalizer removes overinflation of capacity scores. iWave includes Median Home Price of a county in wealth screening and capacity scoringUses static real estate values which overinflate wealth in areas where the cost of real estate is high
Modeling and Analytics
Foundation and corporate researchFoundation & Company Screening enables users to identify and segment foundations and companies that are likely to support their cause.N/A
Planned giving scoresAccess to Planned Giving Scores and Analytics: prospects are automatically evaluated against eight proven indicators, such as affinity and real estate holdings. Each prospect is then assigned a score of 1 to 4 to indicate how likely they are to give a planned gift. Screening results may identify planned giving prospects, but no scores are provided.
Multi-Lens ScoringSee wealth screening results and donor profiles from multiple viewpoints depending on their fundraising goals, using customizable parameters.N/A
Affinity ScoresiWave also has RFM scroresDonorsearch uses RFM scores to indicate a donor’s linkage to a cause
Screening & ScoringAdjustable parameters so you can define capacity settings, select affinity to giving interests and choose scoring weights for a prospect’s capacity, affinity and propensity (internal and external giving history)Parameters are locked and scores do not consider a prospect’s affinity, only capacity and propensity
Individual Database SearchesPerform lookups or build lists within all 41 databases. Search using a name only, no address requiredLimited access to individual databases for lookups. Searches require a known address
Prospect and Marketing ListsGenerate unlimited lists of new prospects with contact information. Lists can include individuals, corporate donors and foundation grantsMarketing lists are restricted to a limited number of contacts per month
News and Obituaries DataTrack mentions in news articles and obituaries in US and Canada with real-time alertsNews and obituaries are not provided

Helping leading nonprofits fundraise with confidence

Wycliffe Bible Translators
Ohio State
Novant Health
United Way
Minnesota Historical Society
Denison University

"iWave is more comprehensive, easier to query, and faster than other similar sources that we have used."

Bill Robbins

Associate Director, Advancement Services

Denison University

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