Predictive Modeling that Fuels All Fundraising Strategies

The first of its kind in the nonprofit industry, Multi-Lens Modeling uncovers giving opportunities across your entire database by matching ideal donors to your unique fundraising goals.

multi-lens scoring

Raise more gifts by leveraging your entire database

Dig deeper in your database and look beyond major giving opportunities. Discover ideal donors for annual giving campaigns, donors who are likely to support new campaigns, opportunities for increased membership, and more.

Use Multi-Lens Modeling For:

Annual Giving

Identify your best donors for annual appeal upgrades.

Major Giving

Identify your best prospects and donors for your largest gifts.

Capital Campaigns

Identify your best prospects and donors for your capital campaign.

Direct Mail Campaigns

Segment your donors based on their giving interests so you can tailor your campaign messaging.

Mid-Level Giving

Identify your best prospects and donors for mid-level gifts.

prospect research tool

Personalize campaigns through hypersegmentation

Develop highly-personalized campaigns by identifying donor affinities that align with your campaign goals and use these insights to formulate impactful messaging.

iWave Integrations

Integrate iWave with your favorite tool

iWave connects with leading DMS software to enrich records with fundraising intelligence. Some integrations also provide access to Multi-Lens Modeling directly in your donor records.

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How It Works

Step 1: Select Your Custom Models

You can select custom model templates
to get started or you can build a model from scratch. There is no limit to the number of models you can build.

Step 2: Adjust Model Scoring Preferences

Each model’s scoring preferences can be adjusted at any time to suit your organization’s needs. These preferences feed algorithms within each model to deliver an iWave Score that identifies donors that match your goal.

Step 3: Screen Constituents and Receive Actionable Insights

When you screen a list of donors, each model segments and scores your donors to uncover the prospects that best match the goal of the model. View results from each model side by side with options to easily filter, sort and export.

What Makes Us Different

Affinity Scores

iWave is the only fundraising intelligence platform that measures how passionate a donor is about your cause.

Dependable Capacity Scores

Our capacity scores are not affected by differences in cost of living by geography—ensuring that wealth ratings are not artificially inflated.


One size rarely fits all in our industry. This is why we offer the ability for you to customize modeling and analytics to align with your organization’s projects and goals.


By providing transparency into the records and formulas that generate prospect scores, we help you make sense of your results in a way that is operationally valuable and trusted by your fundraising team.

Robust Data

To reap the benefits of fundraising intelligence, we connect you to the industry’s most accurate and comprehensive data source. Tap into billions of data points from over 40 wealth, biographic, and philanthropic data sources.

"We’ve screened a couple of lists including one membership list and used [Multi-Lens Modeling] to see if there were any members with high capacity we didn’t know about, so we could target them for the quiet phase of our capital campaign. The ability to see different ratings based on our capital campaign [goals] versus annual giving is a real difference maker. I really like being able to adjust each [model] and see all of them side by side."

Kendall Valliere

Director of Development

Jewish Community Alliance

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Multi-Lens Modeling in Action

Annual Giving Model

An animal shelter has a lot of small gift donors they do not know much about. Using the Annual Giving model, the shelter can see which of these donors have the capacity to give more and are most likely to respond favorably to an increased gift ask. Instead of asking these individuals for $50, they should ask for $150 in their next outreach.

Capital Campaign Model

A hospital is running a capital campaign to raise funds to expand their emergency department. With the Capital Campaign Model, they can easily identify which prospects to prioritize for gift solicitation by segmenting their donor list based on campaign goals. They can use the segments for a targeted fundraising effort, starting with top prospects and moving to smaller donors.

Direct Mail Model

A food bank is raising funds for a school breakfast program. With the Direct Mail Model, they can easily identify which prospects and donors have a stronger affinity to education-based causes versus human services. They can export that list for their next direct mail outreach, and tailor the messaging to these donors to focus on how a student’s education can be improved with healthy nutrition.

Major Giving Model

A museum has a major giving program to help them raise funds to present special exhibitions. With the Major Giving Model, they can easily identify top prospects for major gifts or leadership gifts. The donors in this list can be assigned to major gift officers for donor cultivation, solicitation and stewardship.

Mid-Level Giving Model

A college has a mid-level giving program to raise funds to support ongoing operations and keep donors engaged. With the Mid-Level Giving Model, they can easily identify top prospects and donors for mid-level gifts. The donors in this list can be cultivated using mass marketing tactics like direct mail and for the top ones, you can consider personalized touches through relationship management.

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