iWave’s Top Webinars of 2020!

This year, along with many other organizations, we stepped up our webinar game to provide even more informative, educational, and exciting presentations for our clients and the broader nonprofit community. In March of 2020, we kicked off two webinar series – the Nonprofit Thought Leadership Series and the Technology and Strategy Series and we’ve hosted 40+ webinars and virtual presentations since. We’re rounding up the top iWave webinars of 2020 and sharing some words of wisdom from our presenters. Check out some snippets of our top webinars of the past year: 

Donor Advised Funds: Research and the Big Picture with Jennifer Filla

This webinar was presented on September 17th, 2020, by Jennifer Filla, Founder of Aspire Research Group and Prospect Research Institute. In this session, she goes beyond the technical aspects of donor advised funds and examines the backlash against the use of DAFs, how this has been an object of focus during the current economic turmoil, and what that means for fundraising and research.

Watch the full webinar here!

How Nonprofits Leverage Digital Practices 

In an increasingly digital world, nonprofits need to look beyond traditional fundraising practices to attract, engage, and retain new donors. To grow your audience, you need to understand it—a goal that can be achieved through skillful social networking and targeted digital campaigns. In this webinar from May 14th, 2020, we heard from Lauren Byrnes from Stream Companies about how to leverage advanced online practices in your fundraising.

Watch the full recording here!

How to Engage Donors and Raise Emergency Funds During the COVID-19 Crisis

In the first webinar in our Nonprofit Thought Leadership Series from April 22nd, 2020, Amy Eisenstein lead a discussion on raising funds through the COVID-19 crisis, how to leverage the opportunity to build relationships with your biggest donors, and pivot your fundraising to emergency needs.

Watch the full recording here! 

The Future of Fundraising 

We shared a webinar about the Future of Fundraising when we launched the new iWave in March of 2020 to introduce our new platform to the world! See how the new iWave will help you weather the changing nonprofit landscape. With the new iWave, your nonprofit will be able to easily and efficiently identify, prioritize, and cultivate donors to raise more major gifts.

Watch the full recording here! 

Securing and Enhancing Corporate Partnerships 

Mid-year, we were excited to welcome Parkes Philanthropy to our Nonprofit Thought Leadership Series, where they presented a webinar that looked into how nonprofit organizations approached corporate support pre-COVID-19, how COVID-19 has changed corporate partnerships, and how to adapt your programming and strategies to maintain relationships in a post-pandemic world.

Watch the full recording here! 

Optimizing Portfolios with Modeling and Screening Results 

This webinar, from July 22, 2020, part of our Technology and Strategy Series, provided an engaging look at how to leverage innovative analytics tools to support major gift fundraising performance. We were exicted to hear from David Lively, author of Managing Major Gift Fundraisers:  A Contrarian’s Guide and Senior Associate VP and Campaign Manager at Northwestern University, along with Ron Eisenstein and Erin Lynch Moran, co-founders and partners at The Solas Group, a Tableau Alliance Partner.

Watch the full recording here!

New Innovation In iWave See What’s New and How iWave is Advancing Technology in The Nonprofit Industry

Since launching the new iWave in March, we’ve added so many new features to the platform to help nonprofits operate even more efficiently, so we hosted a webinar to showcase iWave’s newest innovative features that we released in September and gave a sneak peak at what is coming later this year.

Watch the full recording here! 

We have the Giving USA Data. Now what?

In June of 2020, the 2019 Giving USA Report was released and Laura MacDonald, Chair of the Giving USA Foundation joined us to show how to use the information to elevate. She provided insights into trends about who gives and where they are giving, and she will give you a set of tools and tactics to make sense of it all and apply it to real life.

Watch the full recording here! 

Are You Prospecting with Blinders? 

We were happy to have Regina Alhassan present a webinar in honor of Black Philanthropy Month in August. Regina shared facts to challenge our assumptions and reveal the realities of philanthropic behaviour for African American donors.

Watch the full recording here! 

Fundraising Your Way Out of the Pandemic

In a followup webinar to our ebook published in partnership with Robin Thompson with the same title earlier this year, this session was all about surviving and thriving in challenging times and how to set up your step-by-step 90-day development plan.

Watch the full recording here!

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