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Fundraising software that gives you the intel you need to ask the right donor, for the right amount, at the right time. Start raising more major gifts, faster.

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iWave is the most recommended donor research solution among industry professionals. Why? It provides access to a comprehensive suite of reliable wealth, philanthropic and biographic information on prospective donors, so you can be confident you’re asking the right person for the right amount at the right time.

Use iWave’s wealth screening and list building features to identify prospective donors with proven capacity and inclination to donate major gifts.

Use iWave’s comprehensive wealth, philanthropic, and biographic data to build detailed prospect profiles that lead to more targeted and successful gift asks.

Access powerful fundraising intel on current prospective donors without leaving your donor management system.

Helping Nonprofits Raise More Major Gifts

Solutions for nonprofits of all sizes, regardless of industry or fundraising goals.

Whether you’re running a local social services organization or part of the advancement team at an Ivy League School, iWave has software solutions that will help you raise more major gifts, faster. 

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