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Prospect Research Online (PRO)

With Prospect Research Online (PRO) you can search the best wealth and philanthropic data in the industry to determine Who to ask, How Much to ask for, and When to ask.


With VeriGift You can search the fastest growing and most up-to-date database of charitable donations, recipients, and donors in the industry.

Screening Services

With iWave Screening Services you can screen your entire database to identify top major gift prospects according to their inclination and capacity to give to your organization.

Find More Information on Your Prospects & Donors with the Best Wealth & Philanthropic Data in the Industry

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About iWave

Since 1991, iWave Information Systems has been developing online prospect research and fundraising tools that empower nonprofit organizations to raise more major gifts, faster.  We compile the best wealth and charitable donations data in the industry and package it in easy to use tools that help prospect research professionals and fundraisers determine WHO to ask, HOW MUCH to ask for, and WHEN to ask. It’s simple, in order for nonprofits to make the right ask and have success in their fundraising efforts they need to get to know their prospects and donors. But rather than spending hours and hours searching, reading, and “Google-ing”, we bundle the information they need into easy to use online search tools. iWave is best known for Prospect Research Online or PRO, the leading one-stop-shop for prospect development. Read More.

Recent News

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I could not live without it! Compared to our other paid subscriptions, I find that iWave is by far the best value for the money.”

Stephen Swain / Senior Director of Research, Syracuse University

iWave is my go-to resource for research on individual prospects and donors. Not only does it kick-start my research on key people, it is highly useful for identifying new prospects when we are planning events.

Katherine Scott / Doctors Without Borders Canada

PRO is one of the best products we have. I’m always impressed by the robust amount of information. If all of my tools were taken away and I could have only one product, it would be PRO.”

Mary Jamieson Dee / University of North Florida

PRO is one of the most comprehensive and accurate research tools we’ve used. It is easier to query and has enabled us to reduce our research time and respond to requests more rapidly. It has already helped us identify new major gift prospects and new leadership prospects for our annual fund effort.”

Bill Robbins / Associate Director, Advancement Services, Denison University

Thank you for such a terrific product. PRO is the first and sometimes the only resource I use when researching a prospect. It’s user friendly, clear, concise and so much better than any other product out there. Thank you.”

Joan Sullivan / Connecticut College

iWave’s PRO has everything we are looking for. We instantly found over 350 LOST alumni – and many have become potential prospects.”

Susan / Ontario

I believe PRO offers the best research results for the best value. I’ve used PRO in 3 small shops and it has helped us unearth many major gift prospects, saving us the cost of professional research fees. The simple interface, variety of research tools, design, and handy features make this a time and money saver. And best of all – the data is always fresh and accountable. I recommend PRO to all my colleagues!”

Suzanne Duncan, MA CFRE. / Senior Manager, Major Gifts, WoodGreen Community Services

I used PRO for the first time and, after a bit of research, submitted a grant application to a foundation for funding consideration. We had never applied to this particular foundation before and were excited to receive notification that we had been awarded $10,000 for a capital project. I probably would not have applied to this particular foundation had I not had the benefit of PRO’s detailed funder profiles. Thanks so much!”

Ellen Green / Director of Fund Development, Camp He Ho Ha

Being a one-person research shop, I have found that PRO provides me with efficient and reliable sources all in one platform, helping me to verify different types of data relative my prospect research needs. Whether it’s information I’ve gathered on prospects, or companies, having access to PRO has allowed me to return information quickly to my major gift team.”

Lisa / WI

We’ve gained new insights into our current funding partners and have been able to identify a number of new prospects.”

Todd Kutyla, Director, Development and Communications / Ivymount School