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iWave is the most recommended donor research solution among industry professionals. Why? It provides access to a comprehensive suite of reliable wealth, philanthropic and biographic information on prospective donors, so you can be confident you’re asking the right person for the right amount at the right time.

With our wealth-screening tool, you can narrow down prospective donors with a proven capacity and inclination to donate major gifts.

Our dataset aggregates wealth, philanthropic, and biographic information to build prospect profiles. Find the perfect fit for your organization so you can feel confident in your gift asks.

You don’t have to leave your donor management system to access highly powerful fundraising intel. You’ll find it all here in our platform.

Helping Nonprofits Raise More Major Gifts

Built for Organizations of All Sizes

Whether you’re running a local social services organization or part of the advancement team at an Ivy League School, iWave has software solutions that will help you raise more major gifts, faster. 

Featured Resources

Looking to identify new major gift donor prospects? Dive into Wealth Screening 101, a comprehensive ebook that breaks down the benefits of wealth screening, how to complete a wealth screen from start to finish, and what to look for in a wealth screening solution.

Get ready to understand how wealth and capacity ratings impact the major gifts process. This cheat sheet will give you a greater understanding of wealth and capacity ratings, and exactly how they fit into your nonprofit organization’s prospect research.

Healthcare philanthropy is growing. But there is increasing competition between organizations for donors and funding. iWave’s healthcare-specific ebook presents challenges and opportunities in healthcare philanthropy, such as patient screening.

Learn the ins and outs of moves management with this cheat sheet. From understanding the six steps to moves management to finding out exactly what a solicitation plan is, this cheat sheet will get you up to speed on the exciting topic of moves management.

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Thanks for joining us at iWave, your one-stop-shop for intelligent fundraising. Our next-generation platform was built with nonprofits like yours in mind. Our donor research software works to help you target the best potential donors with the greatest capacity to give.

In addition to gaining instant access to donors, you’ll have a supportive staff ready to assist you in navigating our datasets—ensuring all organizations reach their maximum potential. For nearly 30 years we’ve helped over 6,000 nonprofit, education, and healthcare organizations across the globe receive funding for their projects. Now, we’re excited to do the same for you!

Start Fundraising with Confidence

Our mission is to empower nonprofit organizations and help them as they make the world a better place. We serve up the wealth and philanthropic information you need to ask the right donor, for the right amount, at the right time, making fundraising more effective and efficient than ever before.

Our innovative and responsive fundraising technology was designed for saving you time. As a nonprofit professional, you know how much time and energy can be spent identifying and cultivating prospective donors. With iWave though you’ll have the actionable intel you need to make your fundraising more strategic and more focused on the best prospects.

Fundraising Software Your Whole Team will Love

Looking to launch a capital campaign? Trying to increase revenue from your annual appeal? Or maybe you are ramping up your foundation and corporate fundraising programs. Regardless of the initiative, iWave can help. Our easy-to-use, next-generation fundraising software, will fuel your entire fundraising strategy. With iWave, you’ll be able to quickly identify the best donors for the cause and refine your search based on propensity, affinity, and capacity to support your capital campaign, annual appeal, corporate fundraising initiative, and more!

Not only will you be able to contact those who are most likely to contribute to your campaign, but you’ll be able to see if your ask is appropriate or if the donor could be giving more, so you can feel confident you’re not leaving money on the table. Eager to learn more? Get started with iWave today.

Pinpoint the Ideal Donor Prospects

Seeing who in your area has the ability to give may be easy but learning who would want to give is a different question all together. Using the data found on our next-generation fundraising platform, you’ll be able to see who has a history of supporting organizations similar to your own.

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