Four types of donors screened and segmented into an actionable manner.

iWave Insights transform your donor database from a bunch of names to a sorted list of prospects, all divided into four distinct categories. This means your database is no longer a black hole of unknown prospects, but rather a strategic tool that lets you make major gift asks with expert precision.

With this new feature, iWave will screen and sort prospects and major gift donors into four groups based on their philanthropic history with your organization (RFM score) and their philanthropic and wealth history outside of your organization (iWave Score).

iWave will now automatically sort your donors into four different segments:

With iWave, uncover the prospects that will turn into your next major gift donors.

Kelly Schoenberger, Chief Development Officer

I love the new insights feature and especially the Hidden Gems. I used to spend hours doing research to try and uncover these individuals but now iWave does it for me. Sometimes I recognize the names of the Hidden Gems but with many of them, I had no idea they had capacity and were philanthropic.  This is extremely helpful in meetings with leadership and our board as it helps them better understand our prospect pool.

Kelly Schoenberger, Chief Development Officer / Seminary Ridge Museum


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