Smart Alerts: How to Leverage Active Intelligence in Your Fundraising

Smart Alerts are here!

Now, more than ever, nonprofit organizations need to undergo a digital transformation to thrive in today’s fast-changing environment.  As part of this transformation, nonprofits need to have the ability to quickly and confidently apply new data up-to-date information to their fundraising processes.  

We understand that tracking donors is not an easy task.  Manually researching each donor of interest can be time-consuming and costly.  That’s why we created our newest feature, Smart Alerts!

What are Smart Alerts?
Smart Alerts are actionable, intelligence on your donors that iWave detects from key data sources.  They enable users to set alerts to receive the most up-to-date fundraising intelligence.  With Smart Alerts enabled on iWave’s Intelligent Profiles, fundraisers have access to actionable information to identify trends, shape the right messaging for cultivation, and time their outreach effectively.

How Smart Alerts work

  1. Simply enable Smart Alerts on a single profile or multiple profiles at the same time. 
  2. Choose a desired confidence level for the matching algorithm on your constituents.
  3. iWave monitors your target prospective donors for new intelligence and alerts you in real-time.
  4. Enrich your profiles by adding new records.
  5. Pivot your monitoring strategy by re-assigning Smart Alerts to a different profile

Why Leverage Active Intelligence like Alerts?
Timely and accurate data allows fundraising teams to act with efficiency, speed, and precision, allowing them to maximize their outreach efforts.  A donor’s capacity, affinity, and propensity are dynamic, and profiles should reflect this.  

Alerts can help with prioritization, cultivation, and stewarding your donors.  For example, imagine a prospect is on a lower giving level list or “not now” list because you haven’t identified a history of giving.  Suddenly, they make a large donation to an organization with a similar mission to yours, you may now want to prioritize that individual as having major gift potential.  Alternatively, you notice that you’re not getting alerts on a particular prospect or donor of interest, this is a great indication you should shift focus to a different, better prospect. Having an alert set on this individual has actually saved you a lot of time that you would have spent checking for updates when there was nothing to find. 

Alerts can also help you nurture a relationship with a prospective or current donor.  Say you have an alert that a property has changed hands, this is timely intel that may indicate it is a good time to secure that gift you’ve been looking for.  

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Whether you’re focused on finding the next major gift or seeking new ways to engage your prospects and donors to move them from cultivation to solicitation, Smart Alerts ensure that you’re up to date!  And because they dynamically feed iWave’s Intelligent Profiles, you can be confident that your decisions and actions are based on the most up-to-date and accurate information!

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