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Say goodbye to blank screen syndrome and tap into limitless inspiration with AI-powered content generation that is tailored exclusively for nonprofits. Using human-centered AI, NonprofitOS takes you from first draft to final draft in minutes by creating uniquely authentic content using your voice and tailored specifically for your audience.

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With Cherian Koshy and Craig O’Neil, learn more about NonprofitOS: iWave Launches Generative AI with Nonprofit Operating System.

  • Learn what Fundraising Intelligence and generative AI are and how they benefit nonprofits
  • Find out how NonprofitOS, coupled with iWave’s data and insights, can empower you to find the right donors and engage them in a more meaningful way

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NOS 16x Faster

“I was in meetings all afternoon and when I emerged, my fundraiser was all ‘OMG….we can’t get rid of this EVER!’ And I quote ‘I don’t know how to do my job anymore without this’ Thank you!”

Francesca Dobbyn

Executive Director

United Way of Bruce Grey

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NonprofitOS Pricing

1 Year Term$495Contact UsContact Us
Users Included1310
Additional UsersAvailable for purchaseAvailable for purchaseAvailable for purchase
Guided Prompts70+80+80+
Brand Voice & Donor Persona Customization
Chat With My Documents
Social Media Scheduling & Analytics
Direct Mail Integration
Team Feed
Custom Prompts
Responsive Email Support
Multi-Channel Campaign GenerationAvailable for purchase

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