Giving Increases by 40% Using iWave

“With home values and the ability to perform wealth screens, they experienced a 40% increase in giving.”

Using iWave to Uncover Funding For Youth Sport and Community Development

“I feel like we’re just scratching the surface of what we can do with iWave.”

Making the Right ‘Ask’ With VeriGift’s Charitable Giving Data

“VeriGift has helped our fundraisers deepen relationships with donors and make the right ask.”

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Using iWave, Our Fundraising Accuracy Increased from 4% to 70%

“Over 3 years, we went from 0% to 4% to 70% accuracy in our ‘ask’. Our dollars have gone up because we’re talking to the right people.”

Look Beyond the Numbers to Find Donors Who Are Passionate About Your Mission

“With iWave, I am able to take a broader look at the human portfolio, not just the numbers, but actual connections and relationships.”

Find Donors to Support Your Mission Across the Country and Beyond with iWave

“As a cause-based organization, we don’t have a robust, built-in constituency. We have to do a lot of prospecting and cold-calling, and that’s where iWave comes in.”

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