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Fundraising During A Crisis: 

In this time of uncertainty, many nonprofits are wondering how they should continue to raise funds for their causes. Join iWave, along with some of the best and brightest minds in fundraising, for a discussion of the best practices amid a crisis.

“Better” Practices: Cultivation that Resonates with Women

There are over 100 data points from research that gender matters in philanthropy.  What do we do with that research? Join Kathleen Loehr as she speaks about specific tactics to identify, qualify and cultivate women in ways that resonate with them.

The Future of Fundraising:

Meet the New iWave

See how the new iWave will help you weather the changing nonprofit landscape. With the new iWave, your nonprofit will be able to easily and efficiently identify, prioritize, and cultivate donors to raise more major gifts.

Find the Major Gift Donors of Your Dreams:

The Importance of Affinity Ratings and Customization in your Wealth Screening.

Finding prospects in your database with a connection to your mission and cause is the key to your next major gift. In this webinar, we’ll demonstrate the process of identifying constituents within your database who have the greatest potential to become major gift donors, all within the iWave platform. 

Improve Your Fundraising Results: 

Combining the Power of Wealth Screening and Predictive Modeling

Predictive modeling is an extraordinary tool, particularly when combined with the power of wealth screening. But once you have all the data, what do you do with it? Register for this webinar and find out!

Uncovering Your Hidden Gems: Leveraging Year-End Giving in Your Major Gifts Strategy

Join iWave and NeonOne as we talk peer-to-peer campaigns, year-end giving and leveraging wealth screening to uncover the hidden gems in your database.

What’s In A Year? iWave Looks Back On 2019

Join us as we look back on the year that was!

Expanding Your Prospect Pool: Screening Non-Traditional Constituencies

A Discussion With Industry Advocates

Diversifying Fundraising and Philanthropy One Day at a Time:
A Discussion With Industry Advocates

Listen in to this panel discussion on the diversification of fundraising and philanthropy in 2019.

Start With Your Data To Grow Women’s Philanthropy

Learn the best practices to leverage data to help grow women’s philanthropy.

How To Use Wealth and Past Giving in Your Prospect Research

Find out ways to leverage past giving and wealth to fundraise more effectively with this informative and engaging webinar!

Trends and Forecasts for Giving in the U.S.

Find out how the “who” has changed since 2000 and see how HNW individuals are using foundations and donor-advised funds more often – and what that means for fundraisers!

Ask Me Anything: iWave Edition

See our in-house iWave experts answer burning questions from iWave users!

You’ve Completed Your Wealth Screening – Now What?

Get the run-down on the steps to take after you complete a wealth screen.

Prospect Research 101

Looking to brush up your prospect research skills? This webinar has you covered.

Elevate Your Grateful Patient Program

Get the low-down on grateful patient program and how both iWave and Gravyty can help elevate them.

iWave for Neon: Translating Data Into Actionable Donor Cultivation

See iWave’s newest integration in action with this informative and engaging webinar.

Gender Matters: A Practical Approach To Grow Women’s Philanthropy

Ready to become more aware of gender differences in charitable giving behavior? Check out this webinar

Real Estate Values, Equity, And Their Role In Giving

See the importance of both real estate valuations and equity when factoring giving capacity.

Major Gifts From Major Donors

Learn how to master the art of major gifts, from the identification stage to cultivation and solicitation.

Getting Real With Real Estate

Join us as we explore how to maximize your real estate screening results using proven techniques and all without leaving iWave.

iWave For Salesforce: Start Fundraising With Confidence

See the newest version of iWave’s Salesforce integration. This new version offers users an improved experience for all users.

Improve Your Screening Success With Data Hygiene

See how clean data helps your organization with wealth screening and building better donor relationships.

Gravyty and iWave: Use AI To Power Up Your Fundraising In 2019

See how Gravyty and iWave are paving a new path, empowering nonprofits with fundraising intelligence through artificial intelligence.

The Game of Life: Strategies to Effectively Utilize Prospect Research Data

This webinar explores how a small company can lead you to big assets; why a person’s avocation can be more important than their vocation; and much more

Searching For Signs Of Wealth: A Webinar Presented By David Lawson

This webinar explores how a small company can lead you to big assets; why a person’s avocation can be more important than their vocation; and much more

Development Planning: A Webinar Presented by M3 Development

This webinar discusses the importance of development plans, as well as the most effective way for your organization to plan for success!

Recruiting The Best Board Members

This webinar will guide you through the most impactful techniques to develop your Board into the leadership body your organization needs to be successful.

3 Keys to More Confident Fundraising

Learn how to go beyond wealth to understand the propensity and affinity of your prospective donors.

Serious Business: Digital Strategies To Boost Corporate Donations

Join iWave and Frontstream to see how corporate support of your nonprofit organization can go so far beyond making a pitch and getting a check!

Using Events to Identify High Network Donors

Join iWave and special guest, Winspire, as we explore how to use fundraising events as a way to identify and qualify high-net-worth individuals as prospective donors

Beyond Wealth: Discovering the true Drivers of Philanthropy

This webinar discusses ways to use your screening data to glean deeper actionable insights into your donor’s interests and passions, and how to better connect those to your projects and programs.

Diamonds In The Rough

Join members of the iWave team as we discuss how to learn more about prospects and donors already “living” in your database. See how key iWave features can help you develop a better understanding of your donors.

Screening as Strategy, Not Just Prospecting

Wealth Screening is a tool used to help uncover the potential of constituents. Join thought leaders from BWF and iWave as they share strategies to get more wealth screening appends, and leverage this data into actionable and transformational intelligence, regardless of your organization’s size or mission.

Conversation Starters

In this day and age, nonprofit donors expect fundraisers to have done their homework on their philanthropic interests. But that can’t happen without the skills and experience of prospect research professionals. Join iWave’s Ryan McCarvill and Paul D’Alessandro, Founder and Chairman of D’Alessandro Inc, for a lively conversation about how to efficiently identify, score, and recommend only the best major gift prospects to your fundraising team.

Expanding Your Prospect Pool: Screening Non-Traditional Constituencies

A Discussion With Industry Advocates