Beyond the Buzz: Demystifying AI and Automation in Healthcare Fundraising

Recorded on: February 13, 2024

Bzz! Bzzz! BZZZ! It is easy to acknowledge that the buzz about artificial intelligence grows louder each day, but what it is, and how to harness the power of AI is a bit harder to understand. Join industry-leading experts, BWF and iWave, for an upcoming webinar designed specifically for healthcare fundraisers as we explore the ways that AI can be applied in a HIPAA compliant manner. Delve into the dynamic landscape of AI in healthcare philanthropy, where we’ll navigate through a spectrum of strategies and practical applications of AI and Automation- and how these tools can enhance your work but not eliminate the need for the human touch in a field where relationships are key.

Our panelists will guide you through real-world examples, demonstrating how AI can enhance donor engagement, optimize resource allocation, and amplify the impact of philanthropic efforts. Gain invaluable insights into leveraging AI tools to streamline donor communication, personalize campaigns, and strategically target potential contributors. BWF and iWave can help demystify the buzz and help you determine what tools may be right for you and your organization.

BWF and iWave have teamed up to provide a comprehensive look at this hot topic in fundraising. You’ll hear insights from a frontline fundraising leader as well as the technical experts that can provide the know-how for implementation and application. No matter your role as a healthcare fundraising professional- this webinar will have something for you!