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Last week, iWave hosted Lori Lawson of for an engaging webinar on prospect research ethics.  Lori discussed, among other topics, data transparency and security.  She challenged prospect researchers to remember that “data is people.”  She also encouraged researchers to talk to their software solutions providers to learn about their commitment to transparency and security.

Lori discussed the concept of “trust-as-a-service.”  She then offered an acronym called TRUST.  Here’s the breakdown:

Third Party

iWave is a software-as-a-service company, but we know TRUST is a critical part of our relationship with clients.  Here’s how we commit to trust-as-a-service.


In building Prospect Research Online and PROscreen, iWave took a “transparency first” approach.  Clients told us they wanted more choice and customization when rating major gift prospects.  And that simply makes sense.  The fundraising needs of a hometown SPCA will be different from a large metropolitan hospital.  Therefore, any PRO user should be able to customize their scores and settings at both an organization and project level.

Maybe your team is only focused on prospects with capacity to give.  Or maybe you’re simply looking for prospects with an affinity to your cause.  We give you the option of launching a project using default settings or adjust to your personal preferences.

Learn how to customize your PROscore settings.


This refers specifically to data resources.  PRO includes over one billion wealth, biographic, and philanthropic records across a number of datasets.  Our data partners are ones you can trust: Dun and BradstreetThomson Reuters, and the list goes on.

You can search for real estate holdings, charitable giving history, stock filings, and much more.  But as Lori mentioned in her presentation, it’s not just the quantity of data.  iWave commits also to quality.  We strive to offer data that is accurate and appropriate to the needs of prospect researchers and fundraisers.

Learn more about PRO’s datasets.


“What is iWave doing with my PRO data when I’m not looking?”

That’s a question we hear often.  The answer?


All the data in PRO exists for the intended purpose of developing fundraising intelligence to inform your development efforts.  We don’t use or sell your data in any manner.  When you delete a PROfile, it is gone forever.

If you have questions about your PRO data, reach out to


PRO’s data is encrypted in transit and at rest.  That means, whether you’re active in PRO (such as running a PROscreen project or creating PROfiles) or logged out for the long weekend, your data is safe.

All our data is stored in an encrypted data center close to iWave headquarters.  We are continually investing in and upgrading the data center to provide enhanced firewall security and more capacity for the data you need.

If you have questions about iWave’s security measures, reach out to

Third Party

This component is closely connected to data resources.

Every day, we serve a growing list of education, healthcare, and nonprofit organizations. We use a number of third party tools and services to aid in building, supporting, and enhancing PRO.  iWave only develops relationships with data providers and other organizations we trust.  Whether we’re building new DMS integrations (psst – we have a big integration announcement coming soon!), introducing new datasets, publishing a new blog post, or providing customer support, your personal information and your nonprofit’s information is secure.

The iWave team works each day to help great nonprofits fulfill their missions and transform lives.  Because at the end of the day, “data is people.”  That’s why we’re serious about TRUST.


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