The New iWave: A Fresh Approach to Fundraising With Confidence

Did you know that iWave has been around for almost 30 years? Before the internet even existed, iWave was compiling data and providing fundraising tools to make confident asks for donations, from publication to CD-ROM, and finally to an internet-based platform. We’ve been adjusting and evolving our fundraising intelligence software platform to meet the needs of our amazing clients and the ever-changing nonprofit world. iWave has gained a reputation as best-in-class by offering the nonprofit industry’s most comprehensive, most customizable, and most trustworthy prospect research platform.

In our effort to stay on the leading edge of fundraising intelligence and innovation, we just launched the next generation of our fundraising intelligence platform. Working with industry leaders, and listening to the fundraising community, we redesigned and improved our platform to set a new standard in the industry.

Our new platform only further accelerates the ability for nonprofits and education and healthcare institutions to leverage iWave to make their work more efficient and their fundraising more effective.

Here’s what’s new: 


Modern Design

The new iWave solution offers a new user experience with a clean, modern design that delivers the best and most comprehensive philanthropic and wealth information. The new design offers an optimized mobile viewing experience so users can access existing profiles or score a prospect on the go.

New Navigation and Layout

With new layout enhancements, iWave has introduced a more intuitive solution making it easier to identify and qualify more major gift prospects. We’ve streamlined our navigation to help users quickly identify new prospects, segment and prioritize new donors, and discover important information such as the size of the gift you should be asking for, and when you should be asking for it.

Next-Generation Platform

The new platform is faster, allowing nonprofits to work faster and with more reliable information. The robust backend for the new platform allows for even more data and faster feature functionality.

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