G2 Crowd Reviews: iWave is “Top-Rated” Fundraising Intelligence Platform

Client and Third Party Reviews Rate iWave the Top Provider of Fundraising Intelligence Solutions

Charlottetown, 17 April 2018 — Third-party reviews from G2 Crowd confirm iWave is the top-rated provider of fundraising intelligence solutions.  When G2 Crowd published its Spring 2018 Grid and Index Reports, iWave was frequently mentioned, maintaining its status as a “high performer” in the Fundraising Software category.

Based on real-time user reviews, iWave ranked above average in the following reports ranking a number of Fundraising Software solutions.

  • Relationship Index
  • Implementation Index
  • Usability Index
  • Small-Business Grid®
  • Small-Business Relationship Index
  • Overall Grid

The reports are based on ratings by nonprofit professionals who work in prospect development and research.  With over 120 reviews, users scored iWave a 4.6 out of 5 — the highest score given to any provider of fundraising intelligence software.

“To receive such positive feedback from the nonprofit community is a real honor,” said iWave President and CEO Ross Beattie.  “Our team cares about providing only the best products and services to prospect development and fundraising professionals, and to have them validate our work in this way demonstrates iWave is on the right track.”

Despite this achievement, Beattie said it’s not time for the iWave team to rest on its laurels.  “We are always looking ahead. Our entire team, from product developers to client success managers, are all working together to deliver solutions that meet our clients’ needs, and then go a step further.”   



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About iWave:  For over 25 years, iWave has delivered software solutions that empower education, healthcare, and nonprofit organizations to fundraise with confidence.  iWave’s solutions are a proven asset for fundraising departments of any size. From Ivy league schools like Yale and Stanford, to healthcare and arts organizations like Doctors Without Borders and the Smithsonian Institution, iWave has assisted over 6000 organizations in the United States, Canada, and around the world.

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