iWave Helps Faith-Based Organizations Identify Major Gift Donors

Faith-based organizations have a steady and unwavering presence in the nonprofit sector. They have seen constant philanthropic activity even in times of economic uncertainty and charitable giving fluctuation. Backed by a dedicated congregation, many faith-based nonprofit organizations have a donor pool of prospects to rely on for regular donations. The challenge they have faced is identifying those devout supporters who could be giving more. Leveraging a tool like iWave allows them to operate smarter and more effectively, making targeted gift asks with expert precision.

Faith-based organizations using iWave are able to:

  • Perform wealth screens on their congregation to uncover individuals among their supporters with the potential to contribute a major gift.
  • Sort and segment community members to find new volunteers, one time gift donors, and individuals who have the capacity to become long time contributors.
  • Learn about like-minded community foundations and programs that their organization can partner with or tap into for grants and funding.

Hear From Other Faith-Based Organizations

iWave Used to Identify 2,500 Qualified Prospects and Six-Figure Gift

“iWave was my only way of building my list of 2,500 qualified prospects, specifically connected to our mission.”

Giving Increases by 40% Using iWave

“With phone numbers, home values, emails, and the ability to perform wealth screens, they experienced a 40% increase in giving.”

Success With iWave Leads to Opening a Brand New Educational Program

“iWave helped to validate relationships and capacity among prospects, allowing their team to move forward.”