iWave Helps Advancement Teams Make More Targeted Major Gift Asks

For the advancement teams of private schools and higher education institutions, major gifts and endowments come from a specific group of individuals. Due to pre-established affinity, a school’s alumni is often the first and primary focus when raising major gifts. By leveraging the power of fundraising intelligence, educational institutions are able to both think and act strategically to go beyond alumni when identifying new prospective donors and formulating gift asks.

Using iWave, advancement teams can:

  • Perform wealth screenings on incoming classes to discover affluent parents of new students to add to major gift portfolios.
  • Identify and build prospect profiles on financially successful alumni who have a proven affinity to their institution.
  • Sort and search alumni by donation and volunteer history using iWave’s Alumni feature to better target major gift asks when funding new programs or constructing new buildings.
  • Set alerts on alumni to be notified if and when they become insiders with major gift potential.

See How George Washington University Identified Millions of Dollars in Major Gift Potential

Hear From Other Educational Institutions

Concordia University
Exceeding Fundraising Goals with iWave’s Screening Feature

“I can screen 200 alumni and pinpoint 50 above a certain threshold—that takes half an hour.”

Denison University
How iWave Helps You Get the Most From Your Time and Resources

“iWave is more comprehensive, easier to query, and faster than other sources that we have used.”

University of North Florida
The Key to Getting the Big Picture View of Your Prospect

“iWave is one of the best products – I can give others up, but not iWave. I will fight to keep it.”

International Prospect Research Shapes a Campaign

“iWave gave us the insight into the U.S. market that we needed.”

University of Toronto
The University of Toronto Uses iWave to Reduce Turnaround Time

“A significant volume of our work is focused on reactive requests to support advancement officers.”

Success With iWave Leads to Opening a Brand New Educational Program

“iWave helped to validate relationships and capacity among prospects, allowing their team to move forward.”

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