iWave Helps Arts and Culture Organizations Raise More Major Gifts

Arts and culture organizations have the ability to bring joy to people, encourage self expression, and show how performance connects a community. Arts and culture organizations have hundreds or thousands of patrons purchasing tickets, and visiting their establishments every year. This creates a pool of potential supporters and major gift prospects who have a proven connection to their cause. Leveraging fundraising intelligence enables them to truly understand the major gift potential of supporters. Equipped with this intel arts and cultural organizations can identify more major gift prospects, make data-driven gift asks, and fundraise for a capital campaign or development project with confidence.

iWave enables arts and culture organizations to:

  • Perform wealth screens on ticket buyers and other patrons to uncover major gift prospects with a pre-established affinity to their cause.
  • Find pertinent wealth and philanthropic information on current and prospective donors and build actionable prospect profiles to use during cultivation.
  • Uncover grants and community foundations who contribute to similar organizations.
  • Leverage internal giving information and external wealth and philanthropic intel to uncover hidden gems and distinguished philanthropists within their database.

See Nelson-Atkins Museum of Arts Uses iWave To Power Their Development Efforts

Helping Leading Nonprofits Fundraise With Confidence

Building Fundraising Momentum with the iWave-Tessitura Integration

“The greatest fundraising challenge they face is maintaining momentum. The team must work together.”

Achieving Major Gift Fundraising Goals With iWave

“The first day, I found scores for several names from our lower tier that are now on our major gift level.”

Building a Better Community with iWave’s Targeted Fundraising Intelligence

“iWave helps Greenwich House quickly zero-in on donors and foundations with a connection to the organization’s mission.”

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