iWave’s Wealth Screening Software is built on a foundation of customization and transparency that is the first of its kind.

It enables development departments to segment hundreds or thousands of individuals you know very little about into a prioritized list of prospects with the greatest capacity and inclination to donate a major gift to your organization.

The result is actionable screening analytics that can be validated, modified, and refreshed at any time.

Helping Leading Nonprofits Fundraise With Confidence

What Makes Our Wealth Screening Software Different?

For decades, wealth screening has been expensive, provided incomplete and quickly out-of-date data, offered inaccurate prospect ratings with many false positives, and took weeks to return results. We have changed the story. iWave’s Screening provides a fresh approach, giving you the confidence that you’re asking the right person, for the right amount, at the right time.

  • Get a 360° view of your prospect, focusing not only on their capacity but also on their propensity to give, and affinity to your cause.
  • Have confidence in the results because iWave Scores are completely transparent and customized specifically to your nonprofit organization.
  • Profiles stay up-to-date because you can add new information and refresh results at any time.

iWave Insights

Not only does iWave Screening deliver a list of individuals prioritized based on their capacity and inclination to give to your capital campaign or development project, it also uses your internal analytics to identify the areas of opportunity within your database. iWave Insights builds on the analysis of traditional wealth screening and capacity scoring which analyze external wealth and philanthropic information to generate an iWave Score. Insights combine this rating with an analysis of the individual’s internal giving history, RFM score, with your nonprofit. This enables you to efficiently analyze and segment your database to more effectively action prospects and make major gift asks with expert precision.

Foundation and Company Screening

In addition to individual donor screening, iWave offers the industry’s only Foundation and Company Screening feature that helps you efficiently evaluate and prioritize your corporate and foundation prospects.

For decades, foundation and corporate research has been a time-consuming, labor intensive process. With iWave’s revolutionary Foundation and Company Screening, you can quickly segment hundreds or thousands of foundations and corporations into a prioritized list with actionable insights for your top prospects.

iWave’s New Multi-Lens Scoring

The first of its kind in the nonprofit industry, iWave’s new Multi-Lens Scoring feature enables nonprofit organizations to view wealth screening results and donor profiles under multiple settings depending on their fundraising goals. This revolutionary feature helps you easily identify donors who could be giving more to you at every giving level (i.e. members; annual donors; major donors; planned giving donors and capital campaign donors).

It can also help you to segment donors based on giving interest so you can effectively cultivate them using tailored, targeted messaging. With our new game-changing Multi-Lens Scoring, you save time on prospect research by seeing more information in a comprehensive way so you can raise more gifts faster.

Grateful Patient Program

For healthcare institutions, patient screening is a more automated way to screen.  It powers your grateful patient program by segmenting patients, identifying new prospective donors, and helping you learn more about current donors.

iWave’s patient screening leverages iWave’s wealth screening technology but bypasses the manual upload process using an automated, drag-and-drop file transfer protocol (FTP). It is typically used at regular intervals, often daily, though sometimes monthly, to match patients to wealth and philanthropic indicators, in full compliance with HIPAA regulations. After uploading names, the results will identify specific individuals who have propensity (or inclination), affinity to healthcare, and capacity to give large donations. Patient screening is a powerful component of proactive, predictive grateful patient program and iWave’s transparent and customizable system allows you to do it with confidence.

iWave Integrations and API

Build efficiency into your fundraising with iWave’s robust integrations and powerful API. Regardless of your donor management system, integrating with iWave enriches your existing data with billions of wealth and philanthropic records to identify new prospects and learn more about current donors. Equipped with this real-time information, you can now focus your time and effort on the best major gift prospects for your capital campaign or development project. Both iWave integrations and the iWave API can be used to score prospects individually or in a batch.


iWave Screening is so easy to use. The first day, I found scores for several names from our lower tier that are now on our major gift level. I appreciate the speed and efficiency, and I can trust the sources of information.”

Susan Gahan
Prospect Management and Research Associate / Minnesota Historical Society
Minnesota Historical Society

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