Trauma-Informed Storytelling in Action

Recorded on: July 6, 2023

Storytelling has the power to move hearts and minds. Marketing tradition tells us that “if it bleeds, it leads,” which is easy in nonprofit marketing since we’re solving the world’s biggest problems. Those we serve are experiencing tremendous pain and overcoming insurmountable challenges. Can we gather and share nonprofit stories in a way that protects, dignifies, and respects those we serve? This session will explore trauma-informed storytelling, a safe and healthy process for your beneficiaries, audiences, and even storytellers. You’ll be equipped with actionable insights and tools to tell trauma-informed and ethical stories that have a huge impact.


  • Take-home resources and tools to support your journey to becoming a trauma-informed storyteller
  • Understand why trauma-informed storytelling matters
  • Learn about the three kinds of people impacted by a story— the story owner, the story receiver, and the witness
  • Gain simple and actionable steps to integrate trauma-informed practices into your role