The Key to a Successful Feasibility Study

Recorded on: July 28, 2022

This webinar is eligible for 1 CFRE Point.

To launch or not to launch? That is the question most nonprofits ask themselves when they need to raise a significant amount of money but do not know where to begin. The question is further complicated by the simple answer: Conduct a feasibility study. 

First, feasibility studies can be expensive, and second, not everyone in the industry agrees on the context of feasibility studies. Most nonprofits believe studies are the first step in launching a campaign, while most campaign consultants believe it is the way to tell if you are ready. This might seem like a subtle difference but the philosophical gap costs nonprofits millions of dollars each year not to mention the goodwill of donors.

At Sharity, we believe feasibility studies are the culmination of a five-step process necessary to understand if a nonprofit is ready to launch a campaign and to be vetted by major donors, and iWave is part of this process. With a business plan, budget, and necessary fundraising staff and board members in place, the missing piece is ensuring nonprofits have enough cultivated donors in place to make the campaign a success.

In this webinar, Sharity President Carol Wick discusses how iWave’s data and donor segmentation services can help you decide if you are ready for your next successful fundraising campaign.

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