From Fundraising Intelligence to Artificial Intelligence — How to Accelerate Planned Giving

Recorded on: August 25, 2020

Planned Giving is not an easy discipline. First, very few have spent the time to analyze what makes a good planned giving prospect. Second, a planned giving officer’s success is directly correlated to the cumulative quality of a relationship that’s lasted years and has likely been managed by more than one person at an organization. In this webinar, iWave will show you how to use fundraising intelligence to show you what planned giving prospects look like in today’s world. Then, Gravyty will show you how, with artificial intelligence (AI), planned giving officers are empowered to keep relationships thriving before gifts are realized.

Come learn what top planned giving prospects look like and how to manage all of the touchpoints — from birthday messages to visits, updates on recent events, and more — that go into stewarding relationships over the years.

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