7 Must Try Fundraising Ideas for the Arts

Recorded on: November 21, 2022

When the world stopped over two years ago, many people felt completely lost. Where did people turn to for comfort and joy? The Arts. What gave them inspiration and an outlet for self-expression? The Arts. And now, what is a driving factor in reconnecting communities? The Arts.

Now that people are getting back to being in-person, it is imperative that arts and culture organizations tap into the love that their supporters have. But how do you do that?

Join Jill Skene and Mitchell Bruce, of iWave, as they walk attendees through fundraising beyond ticket sales, and a quick demo of iWave’s functionality. You will learn how to:

  • Leverage 7 must try fundraising ideas for the Arts
  • Find benefactors that have a passion for Arts & Culture
  • Launch strategies to fuel your targeted fundraising campaigns
  • Segment constituents by capacity to define your annual appeal asks
  • Nurture loyal ticket buyers and membership holders for quicker conversion

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