Accelerating Major Gifts: How to Find Canadian-Based Donors With Wealth Screening

“No matter which screening company you use, no matter if your organization’s database is tiny or gargantuan; every single nonprofit can get something out of a wealth screening”.
Helen Brown – Development Research Consultant and Founder of the Helen Brown Group 

Automated wealth screening is considered by many industry experts the critical first step in any successful fundraising program. For many years, Canadian-based nonprofits did not have access to wealth screening for their regional donors. Now, with iWave, organizations can leverage wealth, philanthropic and biographical data from premium sources to accelerate major gifts from Canadian donors.

In this Guide You’ll Learn:

  • How Wealth Screening is used in Canada
  • The Different Types of Screening
  • Understanding how Screening differs from Analytics
  • The importance of capacity ratings, and more!

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