Using iWave For Growth: Revitalize and Reconnect with Education Donors

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What does growth look like in the time of COVID-19? Learn how you can reconnect and revitalize education donors with iWave’s latest platform!

Whether fundraising for basic school needs, the restoration of a building on campus, or a new program’s curriculum, education organizations must think strategically when searching for new donors and making gift asks. Leveraging fundraising intelligence software can help education organizations find new prospective donors beyond their school’s alumni, get an overview of these prospects, and work efficiently to ask the right person, for the right amount, at the right time. 

Here are a few ways that iWave has helped schools improve their fundraising efforts: 


Diversify Your Donor Base 

One of the main challenges many schools face is identifying potential donors from tens of thousands of prospects. After all, your donor base is varied – made up of a mix of parents, teachers, community leaders, alumni, and even current students. Concordia Univerisity faced this problem, with the added challenge of an aging donor base as their constituency consisted mainly of pastors, church workers, and alumni. With the goal of refreshing and diversifying their donor base, Concordia turned to iWave to quickly identify new prospects with data they could trust. Using iWave Screening, Concordia takes out the guesswork of searching and verifying donor information. They can screen alumni in certain areas across multiple datasets and narrow down their list based on customizable affinity and capacity ratings. 

Learn more about how Concordia University exceeded its fundraising goals with iWave. 


Get the Big Picture 

In every campaign, there is the challenge of finding and qualifying new prospects with good donor potential. When the University of North Florida ran their recent capital campaign to fund study-abroad trips, scholarships, fellowships, professorships, and academic enhancements, it was crucial that they get an overall picture of prospective donors before investing too much time and research into them. The key to getting this big picture view of a prospect is iWave’s 360search feature. With the click of a button, UNF could find prospects employment information, real estate, donations, philanthropic connections, and director connections. 

Learn more about how the University of North Florida quickly qualifies their prospects with iWave 


Work Quickly and Efficiently

For many prospect researchers at education organizations, a lot of their work is focused on reactive requests to support their fundraising team. This raises the challenge of providing quality information while also reducing turnaround time. To curb this challenge, prospect researchers at the University of Toronto use iWave work quickly and efficiently to research new prospects and create profiles for advancement officers. With a reliable one-stop-shop platform for research, the fundraising team saves time to work on proactive prospect research.

Learn more about how the University of Toronto uses iWave to save time and work efficiently

By leveraging the power of fundraising intelligence, educational institutions are able to both think and act strategically to go beyond alumni when identifying new prospective donors and formulating gift asks. Learn more about how you can use iWave to make more targeted major gift asks and read more success stories.  


















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